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  1. BEWARE!!! The Ides of March + 1 week! (March 22nd would be the final day to take advantage of the 50% price reduction for SkyMaxx v5 for all current owners of SkyMaxx v4)<----SUPER! WoW...sounds and looks fantastic Cameron! Nice to come back to X-Plane/X-Aviation after a half year mostly off (under doctors care unfortunately) and running into a new iteration of Skymaxx. Looking forward to this. Looks like excellent work
  2. Hi Cameron, if you need a tester, I’m all hands on deck! I love flying the TBM when I can and can help with beta for Win10 at least! Having said that, I filed for customer service support the beginning of December and waited the three days you promise to answer. I waited a week and still no answer so I filed another mentioning that file number along with my original conundrum. Well, it’s been yet another week and still no answer (besides the Immediate auto answer promising three days). Would you be kind enough to help me out here. I’ve bought a lot of ac, plugins, etc so it’s not like I’m a fly by night customer. Thanks a bunch and hope your holiday season is smooth flying!
  3. Excellent update! The mixture of cloud types and shapes at every level looks amazing. Lots Less “RolleyPolleys” too (cloud rotation with head movement). This time I’ve used it with ASXP tho I’m not sure if there’s a difference between it and FSGRW. I’ll just switch here and there and enjoy both [emoji6] Nevertheless, ASXP seems to work well with SMP. Thanks for your commitment and work on SMP! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. I’m sure I’ve seen those clouds while flying in rl. Or pretty much close to it
  5. Yes, thank you! All is working terrific. Even in VR. That FSGRW sure is an excellent addon for SMP.
  6. For some strange reason, even the pdf says this is only a p3d version of the software. Nevertheless, I just did not check it, left it blank and moved on and the installation then took place. Just registered too! When I get the chance, I'll see if it runs on x-plane 11- Cheers and thanks again!
  7. Hi Sundog...I just purchased FSGRW and tried to install. I stopped at the point when asked what sim I wanted to install FSUIPC in and the ONLY answer listed was P3dv4. Is this a mistake or do I just download it anyway? Thanks in advance for your help
  8. Looks like I was the culprit ! After re-install, I went to joystick settings and, there it was. A warning I hadn't configured my controllers, tho they were configured in a previous flight. Somehow, after the last update, unbeknownst to me,those settings were changed by X-Plane. So, I just put in a generic profile for now until I get the jist of setting up the controller profiles. Nevertheless, great flight and very happy..again, flying your ac! Thanks for your help..again! Cheers Luigi PS..what settings are you using in the tray tool, if you're using that of course ? I started with 1.6 and lowered it to 1.4 and that seems to be the sweet spot for my system
  9. OK, I'll do that. Also, maybe a re-install may help. I noticed the license re-up was weird this time around. It told me it was not valid, but did have a window to revalidate. So, I did and the window told me all is well. BUT, that one window below the revalidate had me worried..never saw that anytime. so, report to laminar after next start..Thanks Lijan. Appreciate your on the spot help (sorry I was late!)
  10. Hi Litjan, Been having some excellent flights in x-plane's vr with the rift. This last release (Feb 26), v4 has a small problem with the handsets/touch controllers. (a new fix for the vive headset, v5 was released today, but I am going to wait for v6 or 7 by tomorrow since they say they will skip 6 for some unknown reason!) The touch controllers are visible, but do nothing. I loaded another ac and there was no problem, they worked fine so this may be indigenous to IXEG. If you need some logs or whatever, let me know and I'll load er up, then attach here. fyi, despite having no touch controllers, I was loaded up in the plots seat perfectly, so I took it fro a spin around the ap. I just love flying your ac! One of few that are worth their salt Thanks for everything! EDIT.............decided to update to 5..what've I got to lose, eh? I'll see if there is a diff EDIT 2........no dif...still not working in v5
  11. ok, no problem...and thanks for getting back so quickly!! ciao
  12. H all....I just upgraded my system mobo and cpu (CoffeLake) and up to Windows 10 pro. Everything runs great after lots of 'tuning' but once I use VR, SMP has a major bug. All the clouds move with my head and don't stay where they should! I don't remember that at all in my former setup..so, it's either an xplane bug or something to do with my new setup. Any help is well appreciated..I do miss using SMP!!!! Attached is my log.tx Thanks in advance. (Love your products!) Log.txt
  13. Well...seems like what I wanted to say has been said already! So without any further ado, your scenery looks Smashing! And I love ❤️ the Easter Egg statement that there are many ! Since I fly mainly the tubes, your scenery will be perfect to practice in a little Cessna or Mooney once again while enjoying your beautiful work! Thank you for that too!
  14. Well, I was still getting blocked out windows, so I merely took my copy from my dedicated xplane 1105 and put it in the xplane beta and it's now good to go, back to normal. I wonder if the initial dl on that particular drive was not complete, or sumptin..anyway, back to great flying. Thanks Litjan!!!
  15. gonna check in a bit..updating my nvidia driver to the latest one from the 9oct, then fire up xplane again! cheers, Luig
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