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JetStream 32 - Community Update

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MaxWaldorf indicated that it will be made available to those who purchased the JS32 here at X-Aviation.


Check this post.  You may need to establish contact with him.


(He may reach an agreement with XA for this, but I don't know yet.)



EDIT:  Based on this post, something must be in the works.

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I got a weird email today and wonder whether this is legit and related to this?


From: "Javier Roll\u00f3n" <japo32 at bordin.it>
Subject: From: Javier Roll\u00f3nSup Jenshttp://a-strange-looking-urlJavier Roll\u00f3njapo32 at yahoo.esSent from my iPhone


Actually, looks more like Phishing attempt :-(



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any word on release to us the customers over here?


At this time we have been unable to get Tony Altimini (MaxWaldorf) to reply to e-mails acknowledging he is okay with distribution in a manner that would make it legal for us to do so. 


Thus far he has danced around the issue (not really sure why). So, in complete candor, the hold up for release is because MaxWaldorf has not responded to our requests for authorization of distribution or clarification on his terms for properly distributing the package.


I'm sad that it's come to this for folks like you, but sometimes it's hard for guys to get past their own arrogance it seems. :(


We will likely include some more information in an e-mail to all customers to clarify this issue with you and understand the approach Mr. Altimini has taken on this issue at this time if we don't hear from him soon. 


I know it sucks, but hang in there!

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Max won't provide adequate paperwork to allow publication of a commercial product where a not-insignificant amount of money changes hands.


This is not freeware. You can't just dump and run. There are liabilities and laws involved and Max is the one who is not complying.



What if, in six months, Max decides he wanted financial compensation and asserts that Cameron had a verbal agreement...

Cameron would now allegedly owe max several thousand dollars, messy dispute ensues...


What if, in six months, Max decides he doesn't like Cameron anymore and files a DMCA take down request on the files that Max has retained Copyright over?



These are serious issues that Max needs to sign off on like a professional.

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Well I must say find this statement in a condecending tone. Vague explainations and spiteful personal insinuation is something that does not instil in me an impression of professionalism. I hope this can be solved while discussions are kept civil.

Wait, what? How was I vague? Pretty sure I said everything that needed to be said without being vague! The first and second mini paragraphs of my post explain exactly that!

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I want to say my opinion about all of this. Sorry to be appart but this year is complicated... too many fronts open....



I want to say that I understand Cameron and I understand Max.

I understand that Cameron wants to protect his business because he is in USA, a country with a "culture" of "impose lawsuits" very easily (sorry my english and mistakes).. So he wants to be protected. 

And I understand Max because I hate also burocracy.. and protecttions, contracts... etc.. are slow.

In my opinion, after suffering some burocracy attacks and nervous situations in past, I think all needed is to calm down so with the distance all is more clear, and we will able to find a solution to this little problem.


I don't know if people knows this, but this is a user modification over my plane that involves a good number of files to be distrituted. As I didn't want to give those files for free in any forum because they could expose the plane to an easy mofication that would make it flyable (loosing functions but flying)... then I proposed Max (the creator of this modification) to include the files in a folder inside the plane as "user modification"... where in all moment would be clear to everyone that I WOULDN'T NEVER GIVE SUPPORT OR ACCEPT ANY RESPONSABILITY because any problem caused installed those files. Also I accepted his petition to not publish the modification in the news to let us make more money because of it. And he told me that the modification would be always donationware and would not ask any money to me because of it... and for me that was ok.


Well as said.. I hope in future the x-aviation users would enjoy those modification files. I will try to find a solution on how make a distribution. I have some ideas.. BUT first I must solve my other open fronts. And that takes a loooot of time.



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An update to this... MaxWaldorf finally responded via email with everything necessary to move forward, so this 'update' will be available to all customers.


I was not going to get into this further, but I believe some people should be made aware given a recent post by Tony Altimini (MaxWaldorf) in his support thread for this add-on about what really happened (and yes, the reason it was not out yet to X-Aviation customers even though he provided a package a week ago is because of his lack of reply to e-mails or questions). In short, all Tony (MaxWaldorf) was ever asked to do was simply answer two direct questions that never got directly answered over the course of many emails. Sadly, he tended to ignore some emails instead (on purpose). If he did reply, he would evade the simple distribution term questions and sign off his e-mails with things like: "Show is over... Close the curtains." I'm not sure what provoked this arrogant side, but I tried numerous times to keep him on track and just answer the two simple questions so we were all on the same page.


The questions revolved around compensation for the package (basically saying we could distribute without compensation to him) where MaxWaldorf simply needed to reply back stating he was good to have us distribute with no money owed to him (we are a payware store, after all), and the other clarifying his preferred method of distribution for this file since some things were contradicting (MaxWaldorf started off discussions saying he wanted the package in a separate file, while Javier was saying he wanted it in the User Modification folder within the package). We wanted to ensure we were respecting his distribution wishes and not stepping on any toes, so clarification was necessary for reasons like Ben's post above since X-Aviation is not the author of the package. I'm not sure why it had to take this long for such simple and straight forward speaking to be had from MaxWaldorf, but it did!


All we wanted from the get-go was to be on the same page, with clear terms, and smooth sailing. Simple. Unfortunately the process was made hard for unknown reason, but oh well, it's done now.


We'll do our best to get this out soon!

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Been a couple of weeks. Will you be releasing this update soon?

Please see the last reply I made just 2-3 days ago.

The answer has not changed!

As this update is in no way official or supported by the vendor, there are other priorities taking place at the moment. Announcements on such things will come in the days to follow.

Anyways, no sense in asking. The short answer is and always will be "yes" and nothing more to your question. Thanks for your enthusiasm though! :)


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I clicked the big download button, logged in and I ended up on my original product purchase page.


And at the bottom of that page it has download links


BAe Jetstream 32 Link expires Friday 04 March 2016 3 downloads remaining.


Nothing about any communtiy download or a link to it.



Steps to install:

1. Download the new installer by clicking the big download button below.

2. Once the updated aircraft is installed you will find a new folder in your Jetstream 32 aircraft folder called 'Unsupported User Mods'. Navigate to this folder.

3. Open the 'MaxWaldorf Community Update' folder.

4. Read the 'readme_first_js32_update.txt' file to see install information

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