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What did you fly today?


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Bought the BN-2B-26 Turbine today (02/09/2022) from the store. Flying it around and liking it :) Here's a screen shot parked for tomorrows adventures. Loaded it up using ARCO Linux. A fork of Arch Linux. Linux for me been a good experience. Better frame rates than Windows 10 so far.  Cheers Dion

PS: I'm interested in the G500 addon, but sadly it appears its not available for Linux :( maybe one day.

BN-2T Islander - 2022-02-09 21.51.32.png

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I'm currently ferrying N279MA (my Moo in FSEconomy) from Europe to Alaska. A few days ago I left Pescara, Italy (LIBP), where I picked up this airframe. Instead of using the well-trodden westbound route via Iceland, I started moving eastwards, heading for Split, Croatia (LDSP), the Abu Suwayr Air Base, Egypt (HE35, close to Ismailia), Abu Dhabi, UAE, Karachi, Pakistan, and on to the Lucknow Air Force Station, India (VIBL).

From there, today's leg took me towards Nepal and the Himalaya mountains, to Pokhara. There I landed at the old downtown airport Pokhara (VNPK), not the newer and bigger Pokhara International (VNPR - not in Skyvector for unknown reason).

Approaching runway 22 (all VFR, there are no published IAPs for this airport, although there's a VOR on site):


After landing, shortly before exiting the runway:


The next legs will take me to Kathmandu and probably Paro (can't miss that while being in the area). Not sure what I'll be doing from there on - either taking a "shortcut" through China and Russia up to Anadyr, jumping to Point Barrow from there, or going south, dawdling around Thailand, Indonesia, maybe even Australia and the moving northwards via Japan. Let's see where the FSE assignments take me :)

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Three weeks later, I'm now (virtually) in Jakarta, Indonesia. As planned, I flew the Moo via Kathmandu (VMKT) and Paro (VQPR), and then on to Lilabari (VELR), Momeik (VYMO) and Thandwe (VYTD):


From Myanmar I had to fly a deadhead leg and relocated to Bangkok (VTBS). Not the best weather down there currently...


Yesterday I started moving further south, delivering a well-paying VIP transport job to Jakarta. Due to time zoning, it was an all-night flight. The distance of more than 1,200NM was quite a stretch for the Moo, so I made a fuel stop at Kota Bharu (WMKC). Arriving in Jakarta, I was greeted by a thunderstorm, surrealistically lighting up the city (on final into Halim Perdanakusuma, WIHH):


The next assignment will indeed take me again further south to Australia - got a bunch of VIPs headed from Jakarta to Paraburdoo (YPBO). Again that leg is too much of a stretch for the Moo (at least when observing legal reserves and some margin for weather), so I'm planning to fly this with another fuel stop - hoping to meet Santa on Christmas Island (YPXM)...

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It's been a while... my Moo-venture continued; after a trip around Australia (including a short hop over to New Zealand), I finally reached Point Barrow, Alaska on October 31. Here's the complete route with all stops:


The GC distance of the route legs add up to 22,215 NM, and the flight log shows a total block time of 101:38 h.

Utqiagvik is a bit too cold for my liking in winter, so I saddled the Moo once more and started moving south, this time headed for Santa Fe, NM. So far I flew back to Fairbanks, and then on to Yakutat and Prince George.


The FBO at Yakutat wins the price for the best slogan:


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