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  1. Starting the Piper Archer III with a flooded engine. https://youtu.be/uygq4OvaCz0
  2. Took-off from S52 in the Aerobask Diamond DA62 and climbed straight out of the Methow Valley. Once I got through Twisp Pass and the mountains, I was treated to the scenic vistas of Mount Logan and El Dorado Peak. As I was passing by Mount Baker, the weather updated :/ The terrain radar helped me avoid the remaining mountains and I got through the clouds without incident. That is, until I saw the oil in my starboard engine was cold. Wasn't sure what was going on, so I pressed my approach into Bellingham International. The landing went fine and was just in time. My right engine quit the mom
  3. vFlyteAir's SR20 made the hop from Centralia to Yakima an absolute joy. I passed between Mount Ranier to my north, Mount Saint Helens to my southwest, and Mount Adams to my southeast. Once I overflew Rimrock Lake, the metropolis of Yakima exploded beneath me. After an extended downwind to bleed off some altitude, I put down nice and easy on Runway 22.
  4. Good to know that. I figured out what happened (ie, what I was doing wrong). I was moving the throttle/power lever before I engaged the ignition. Once I did that, the lockout tab operated fine and Jim-effin'-dandy I foresee a LOT of lunch hours at work being spent with the TBM's POH
  5. Having a problem the throttle. I can move it all through the power and feather ranges, but if I toggle the lockout tab and move the throttle from feather to taxi, it immediately locks itself into thrust reverse and nothing will release it. Have to reload the plane. Any thoughts?
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