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  1. Sorry for the daly replying. I haven't seen that yellow arc ever again but I will report it if comes back. Thanks for your help.
  2. Thanks @Graeme_77 for your reply! I flew it anyway without knowing that and I made it to the destination (I had turned the hydraulics off an on to see if it went away but it did not). Is there a way to repair specific parts of the plane or I should just delete the airframe and start with a new one?
  3. Can anybody tell me what this yellow "arc" showing on my left wing is (Flight controls). Thanks
  4. Thanks a lot for the info!!! I'm glad to know that they are working on it.
  5. Hello, I recently got the update to x-plane 11.30 and also got the last version of the TBM 900. Now when I delete a previous flight plan X-plane crashes. When I go to the log file the last entry says: TBM900[efis.c:2018]: assertion "ref != -1" failed: Backtrace is: 1 systems.xpl 0x0000000116deb416 efis_get_dest + 166 2 systems.xpl 0x0000000116e86cb0 taws_floop_cb + 976 3 systems.xpl 0x0000000116e94661 main_floop_cb + 3201 4 XPLM 0x000000001ef8435c _Z26XPLMDoFlightLoopProcessingfi + 273 5 XPLM 0x000000001ef7c54f XPLMEventHook + 735 6 X-Plane 0x000000010faaf00a _Z12XPPEventHookiffll + 138 7 X-Plane 0x000000010f79fc1f _Z10APP_updatev + 1631 8 X-Plane 0x000000010ecc6f03 _Z22MACIBM_post_event_procv + 819 9 X-Plane 0x000000010fb7f62b WIN_run_app + 43 10 X-Plane 0x000000010f7a283d main + 93 11 libdyld.dylib 0x00007fff7abc0ed9 start + 1 12 ??? 0x0000000000000001 0x0 + 1 Any idea of what could be wrong? Thanks for your help in advance.
  6. Hello, I've been reading the G1000NXI manual and it looks like the Vertical Situation Display (VSD) has not been modelled, I wonder if there is a way to have the TOC, TOD and BOD represented in the map. Thanks.
  7. CF-ZZZ

    Edit Flight Plan

    @fireone your help was very useful, I found out that I have to tap on the CLR button on my trackpad because if I clicked on it instead it will take me back to the map (like if I double clicked). This is very weird because it doesn’t happen with the rest of the buttons of the FMS. Thanks again!
  8. CF-ZZZ

    Edit Flight Plan

    Thanks a lot! @fireone
  9. Hello, I am flying the TBM 900 and I entered a wrong waypoint in the flight plan by mistake. Does anybody know how to delete a waypoint? Thanks!
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