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  1. Thanks @Graeme_77 for your reply! I flew it anyway without knowing that and I made it to the destination (I had turned the hydraulics off an on to see if it went away but it did not). Is there a way to repair specific parts of the plane or I should just delete the airframe and start with a new one?
  2. Can anybody tell me what this yellow "arc" showing on my left wing is (Flight controls). Thanks
  3. Thanks a lot for the info!!! I'm glad to know that they are working on it.
  4. Hello, I recently got the update to x-plane 11.30 and also got the last version of the TBM 900. Now when I delete a previous flight plan X-plane crashes. When I go to the log file the last entry says: TBM900[efis.c:2018]: assertion "ref != -1" failed: Backtrace is: 1 systems.xpl 0x0000000116deb416 efis_get_dest + 166 2 systems.xpl 0x0000000116e86cb0 taws_floop_cb + 976 3 systems.xpl 0x0000000116e94661 main_floop_cb + 3201 4 XPLM 0x000000001ef8435c _Z26XPLMDoFlightLoopP
  5. Hello, I've been reading the G1000NXI manual and it looks like the Vertical Situation Display (VSD) has not been modelled, I wonder if there is a way to have the TOC, TOD and BOD represented in the map. Thanks.
  6. CF-ZZZ

    Edit Flight Plan

    @fireone your help was very useful, I found out that I have to tap on the CLR button on my trackpad because if I clicked on it instead it will take me back to the map (like if I double clicked). This is very weird because it doesn’t happen with the rest of the buttons of the FMS. Thanks again!
  7. CF-ZZZ

    Edit Flight Plan

    Thanks a lot! @fireone
  8. Hello, I am flying the TBM 900 and I entered a wrong waypoint in the flight plan by mistake. Does anybody know how to delete a waypoint? Thanks!
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