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Whats in your computer?


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I was planing to ask this a while back. Hopefully it will help give an understanding of what people are using to run X-Plane theses days.

My computer is about 5 years old.

Here are the specs of my computer.

AMD 64X2 Dual Core 4600+

3Gigs of ram

Nvidia 7900GS

I get around 30-40fps with default settings at LOWI.

What are you running?

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Core i7 @ 3.8GHz

ATI Radeon HD4870x2


I think default settings gives 120-140ish fps iirc, but I have settings cranked up to ultra textures, loads of objects, roads etc. get about 40 odd fps with that, depending on the addon aircraft and scnery at the time.

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Hi ya Kesomir,

so just the run of the mill computer then ;)

mine isnt so grunty...

AMD Phenom II X2 64 2.8

2 Gb ram

nVidia GTX260 OC

Get some nice frame rates in XP.....around 30-40 with only the important settings maxed out :)




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Built this rig about a year ago now (all for free, too!)

Windows XP Service Pack 3

150GB Seagate Hard drive

NVIDIA GeForce 9500 GT (1GB)

Intel Core 2 Duo E8400 3.0GHz


Saitek AV8R Joystick

I have X-Plane running at about 70-80 fps in normal scenery, drops no lower then 30 when flying high-detail planes with HD scenery.

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I'll claim low spot on this pole so far

Pentium 4 - 2.8GHz

1.5 GB RAM

NVIDIA 8800GT  (makes up for a lot)

7600 RPM  SATA drive

Two Backup Drives

Windows XP

Ubuntu Linux - Dual Boot

2-23" LCD screens

Kensington Trackball

No flight sim hardware

I run some defrag utilities and keep a clean and efficient drive to make up for the slower processor.  I use no background images or window effects (I use Windows classic theme) , turn off lots of services unless needed and this keep resources to a minimum and it's actually pretty quick.

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Dell XPS 730X

Intel Core i7-920 (2.66 Ghz, 8mb Cache)

4 internal hard drives.

640 gb SATA 2 7200 rpm

500 gb SATA 2 7200 rpm

1 TB SATA 2 Samsung 7200 rpm

250 GB SATA 2 7200 WD Cavier  (X-Plane dedicated drive)

4 external hard drives.

Western Digital 500 GB USB 2

Lacie 250 GB USB 2

Seagate 320 GB usb 2X 2

6 gb RAM

Sound Blaster X-Fi premium 7.1 sound card

BFG Nvidia GTX 280 1 GB

64 bit Windows 7

16x DVD+/_ w/dbl layer write capability

LG Blu-Ray burner

19 in 1 media card reader.

Dell 24" Ultrasharp 1920x1200 60hrz

Hope I remembered it all.

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Built this last month:

Coolermaster HAF 932 Case

Corsair 1000 Watt Modular Power Supply

ASUS P6X58D Motherboard

Intel i7 930 Quad - Core Processor (out of box clocking)

Zalman CNPS9700 LED Universal CPU Cooler

6 Gig Corsair DDR3 Memory

BFG Nvidia GTX 275 Graphics Card

Intel 80 GB SSD (Boot and X-Plane, only have North America Loaded)

Samsung Blue-Ray Reader, DVD/CD combo Reader/ Writer

Western Digital Black Caviar 1 TB Data Drive

LG 23" LCD Monitor

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Been a while since i've posted anything!

Im running (And have been running for the past three years) a 24 inch Aluminum iMac.

-2.8 Ghz Dual-Core processor


-ATI Radeon 2600HD Pro with 256 Mb VRAM at 16 GB Per Second. (PCIe 16x)

-1TB Western Digital Caviar Black 7200 RPMs

-Mac OSX 10.6.3 (500 Gb partition)

-Windows 7 (500 Gb partition)

I get around 30-40 FPS with X-Plane's textures at Very High and all other settings set medium-high.


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I get about 30 fps with everything off

And I do mean -everything-.

I fly from water world.

No clouds.

12nm vis.

No shaders.

No AA.

No Anisotropic.

All detail sliders on low.

I think the only thing I don't turn down is the texture detail, but it sure isn't what I'd call pretty. Being able to see through UV map bleeding is the norm.

The 2.7ghz G5 is probably the worst machine Apple ever produced, it's slower than the 2.5ghz model due to bus contention issues (it runs a bit too fast, everything else has to wait, queueing gets messy.)

It's liquid cooled, and leaked.

The replacement model has a fan system so loud that I have taken half of the fans out and it's still louder than the original G5 I bought. (It came with a delphi cooler, which are known to leak, it now has a panasonic cooler and a different fan speed driver.)

On the upside, it means that any add ons I touch are FPS sensitive and you guys get a better experience for it.

The Gizmo leak is somewhat of an exception because it's time dependent, because my sim experience is so bland I don't think I've ever flown around for more than about half an hour at a time.

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Ha Indi, so you really do use an abacus! With such low settings, at least you must be very proficient at IFR, since you can't see anything outside!

Don't read this-I've got a Core i7 920 and 1gig GTX275 graphics card. I worked out it's 100 times more powerful than my 5yo pc. But I skimped on memory, only 6gigs.

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What's in your computer? ......Abacus beads.

As in:

My old G5 is so slow that I might as well just do the calculations by hand, with an abacus.

Now for the dry and technical version:

Dual G5 2.7gzh, 2gigs ram. 256mb ATI 9650 Etcha-Sketch.

double-ha, I missed your etcha-sketch - funny! At least you save on electricity, only have to wind the rubber bands twice weekly?

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