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X-Plane crashed due to SkyMaxx

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It looks like (and this is an educated guess, as the log doesn't include the info we need) you probably ran out of memory while SkyMaxx Pro was recreating the clouds as you passed over a tile boundary. I'm sure this is frustrating after such a long flight, but the only real solution is to reduce your memory usage somehow.

You have a fair amount of custom and seasonal scenery installed (including ours,) but you might try flying without it as a test. You could also reduce SkyMaxx Pro's "cloud draw area" setting in order to reduce its memory footprint. 

We do have some improvements to SkyMaxx Pro coded up here that will reduce its memory usage a bit, so our next release might help too. We think we'll have it ready for testing next week but I can't make any promises about when it will be released to the public yet.

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Let me know what I should log to detect running out of memory in the future. I don't think this was running out of memory, since I have 32GB of RAM and 8GB of VRAM. I'll try lowering the cloud draw area though.

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50 minutes ago, dlrk said:

since I have 32GB of RAM and 8GB of VRAM

It's not as much as you might think, sorry to say.

45 minutes ago, dlrk said:

Is there a Skymaxx specific log that could shed some more light?

No, but what @sundog has told you is sound information. Logical deduction brought about that conclusion.

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37 minutes ago, Cam said:

Before you update your video card, look at the post where a guy was having problems with a new rtx 3090 which has 24G of vram. 

Not everything is Apples to Apples in hardware and how it's applicable to someone's use, @Cam. Not sure why you're trying to stir a pot. As I recall, that individual with the 3090 was also a VR user, which does change things quite a bit too. Neither here nor there though. Everyone has different monitor resolutions and pixels to drive.

You don't know what rendering settings people choose, and that's a factor in all of this. At the end of the day, I think @dlrk has fine expectations of settings if he's already flying through 3 hours of a flight. Doesn't seem unreasonable. If such is the case, it sounds like he stands to benefit from such an upgrade.

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Not stirring the pot, just ensuring he is an informed buyer. Regardless of individual hardware scenarios, realistically, if a guy with a 10th generation i9900K, 32M of ram and an rtx 3090 has difficulty, even in VR, then I think that says a lot. I get the ‘settings’ approach being proposed as the fix, but from all the threads being presented, perhaps this software is ahead of current hardware capabilities. Not a criticism, just stating the obvious from what users are being advised to do to get it to work properly with the new features. 

sorry, that was a 9th generation 9900.

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I ran into a CTD with SMP 5.0.6 several times - most of the time after about 1hr flight time (but somtimes also a lot earlier) and allways after loading a new tile. This is so frustrating, that I have deleted SMP from my X-Plane installation in the mean time. The CTD did not occur again after deleting SMP, so it seems clear that SMP caused the Issue.

I'm running  X-Plane 11.52r1  on an i9-9900K @ 4.8GHz, 64GbRAM and a GeForce RTX 2080 Ti with Vulkan. GPU Memory usage was at about 10GB.

It would be great if you could fix the issues 5.0.6 has, because I certainly miss SMP - 2D Clouds are quite ugly :(


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