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  1. Same here - Fresh install of v1.2 on X-Plane 11.55r2 Got "Failed to find resource 'objects/PLY2_lipx_4mt-LM_H_lipx.obj'" Any fixes or suggestions?
  2. I ran into a CTD with SMP 5.0.6 several times - most of the time after about 1hr flight time (but somtimes also a lot earlier) and allways after loading a new tile. This is so frustrating, that I have deleted SMP from my X-Plane installation in the mean time. The CTD did not occur again after deleting SMP, so it seems clear that SMP caused the Issue. I'm running X-Plane 11.52r1 on an i9-9900K @ 4.8GHz, 64GbRAM and a GeForce RTX 2080 Ti with Vulkan. GPU Memory usage was at about 10GB. It would be great if you could fix the issues 5.0.6 has, because I certainly miss SMP - 2D Clouds a
  3. Already got it - the reported behaviour is with SMP 5.0.1.
  4. I have experienced a similar problem while using RealView from HST. Massive stuttering and periods of high CPU load combined with low FPS (below 10). And of course, RealView is just another "Head-Shake" plugin... Would be happy if I could be of assistance doing some checks and/or tests...
  5. I'll do so if it appears again. In the meantime I have started X-Plane several times and fiddled around the SMP settings so I'm not sure if I can reproduce this.
  6. Got some weird grapics glitch with SPM4.7 / RWC / FSGRW and X-Plane 11.26r2 - when disabling SMP everything looks OK
  7. If you mean that the Texture Quality in Graphis settings is set to Maximum but not to Maximum (without compression) this is exactly my setting. Nevertheless it should work even with Texture Quality set to Maximum (without compression), shouldn't it?
  8. 11.11r2 First time ever I experienced such a strange behaviour with textures. And as I said - it's only with the PAX version, CARGO version is fine. So I'll take the cargo version as long as this issue exists. I appreciate the update for the condition levers - thanks for that one.
  9. Ok, that means I can move both power levers with one stick axis (default throttle one) but for the props I need two different axis although they are mostly used together. Let me say that this is weird. But I got it. However: what is about the nosewheel steering and the textures on radios and gps? [EDIT] Nosewheel steering solved. Damn, that knob is a bid fiddly to handle but finally i managed it.
  10. Ahm sry... was writing misleading bs. I have the throttle and prop assigned to two different axis on my stick. While the throttle is working fine, the prop lever does not move.
  11. Same problem here. In PAX version radios and gps is not showing correct, cargo version is ok. Another thing is, that I can't control prop levers with my throttle and the nosewheel steering does not work. Rudder works fine. Long story short: Can't get this bird off the ground without prop lever and without nosewheel steering. Please advice.
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