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Hi, anyone. I have these triangles showing now. I never noticed before, but I'm almost sure they weren't there. It's like the "smooth" is set to zero in the geometry or something like that. Is this a bug or some setup in X-Plane?



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Hmm - Tom has seen something similiar on his machine, but I was unable to confirm it on my end (Geforce 1080). It warrants further troubleshooting, maybe a combination of drivers, Vulkan, graphics settings?

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we may have to move this one "up the chain" to Laminar.  I know I haven't touched this particular object and even on my end the "triangles" just appeared at some point.  That being said, it is probably something we can fix on our end...this is typical of Laminar tightening up their graphics code that exposes some weakness that wasn't exposed before...  It is only on this one object on my end.  We'll dig into it for sure.


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Well, Pedro, waddya know. Being a CGI man myself, I was sure it was a phong / softness thingy, but raising the texture quality to maximum fixed it. It's another kind of rendering, obviously, so I'll throw an egg on mi face.

With Vulkan off, setting texture to max doesn't fix it, though. It only works with Vulkan. If I can't fly with textures on max, I'll complain again :-)

On X-Plane 10 this doesn't happen (and I must confess I still like XP10 a lot).

Ok, thanks guys for the replies. It's not a big deal, really. 

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