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France to USa. TBM delivery.


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On 11/5/2018 at 7:43 PM, kjhkent said:

Although I have sort out VNAV, as I had to descend manually.

Descending VNAV in G1000 is a bit tricky. Procedures are:

Set altimeter to a lower altitude of what your flying and preferably lower then your next waypoint

Set the desired angle of descent or VS pressing VNV PROF

Engage AP's VNAV not more then 5 minutes before TOD. At 1 minute before you will get visual reference on the altimeter stripe




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I'm doing a long flight from PAHO (Alsaka) to LFQQ (Lille, France) but heading from East to West, so not sure if I'll be able to fly over Himalaya...

At PASA right now with a MAYDAY MAYDAY MADAY just after take off with a rudder trim and elevator trim linkage in very bad conditions, have to be replaced but no maintenance services at this airport!

I gotta rent an other aircraft to fly back to PAEM, then fly a cargo to bring a new elevator and a new rudder trim.... what a bad day! it has a price !:(

Next leg PASA/UHMA !:)

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I have also done the ferry flight from France to USA - California. It was a great experience in the TBM900. I really recommend this ferry flight.


Here is all of my picture from the trip: https://imgur.com/a/FewVTJX

A selection of the pictures.

Departure France.



Landing Iceland



Departing Iceland.



Somewhere over Greenland heading to Canada



Somewhere over USA





Finally at my destination Camarillo, California.



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1 hour ago, iamfallen said:

I decided to fly this same delivery flight in real time, real weather. I am currently parked at CYYR. My only disappointment so far was a large chunk was missing from the middle of Greenland. I am loving flying this aircraft. 

I agree, it is a real shame. I also could not find anyone who created mesh for all of Greenland. We should ask Laminar 

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10 hours ago, RobW05 said:

I'm not sure if it covers all of Greenland, but the Grand Arctic Scenery from HSimulators has a Greenland mesh. It's payware and includes a bunch of airports, so it may be a bit too much just for overflying though. 

I own it and I confirm that it still does not include all of Greenland. When crossing west to east there is still missing mesh scenery.

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