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  1. OK thanks for the response. This is not a major issue by any means. Was just pointing it for you case you didn't know and I hope I will never have to use this mask besides testing. Not a big deal Thanks again Ricardo
  2. Hi Goran, Sorry to bring this topic back to life but this weekend a very busy online controller decided to vector me and do what controllers do, you know, sequencing lots of planes to land. In this very busy stage of flight, the wind changed and so the runway and having to reconfigure the systems and rebrief my landing I've spent lots of time and nerves trying to set heading as requested by ATC, and there were so many requests that I came up far behind to the plane just because I could not easily set heading. All of this is just to point out that those two knobs (CRS and HDG) ar
  3. Hi Goran, Anyway I still can not remove the oxygen mask if the UI size is set to 150%. Do you believe is something that can be fixed by your side in the future? Cheers Ricardo
  4. HI I run X-Plane in 1440p so the most comfortable UI size is 150% but if I put the oxygen mask in with this setting I just can't remove it after that. What I do to remove it is lowering down the UI Size to 100% Before this current upgrade what happened in this situation was a double mask being rendered. Now this do not happen but again there is a few more tweaks needed. Thank you Ricardo
  5. I couldn't find anyone flying this baby, pilot is missing Situation was: watching a replay after landing but I kicked replay while still in taxi with doors closed Cheers Ricardo
  6. Buttons should be "mixture up a bit" and "mixture down a bit" or something like that. I would like to have it set to an axis too but to be honest works really good with buttons
  7. Did you tap the dead light bulb? just kidding
  8. Congratulations for your attitude Goran, TBM900 has its issues, some related to the platform constrains but you guys are working hard on this Think is: I can see a gold future for HotStart and Laminar Research, we will keep pushing, if you don't mind Cheers
  9. Will do that but results may be very unreliable since this CTD happened just once and may never happen again. I guess I will remove Xsquawkbox first because it seems to be bugged and was the last I've installed, it's my main suspect, and then I'll see if happens again
  10. I was running through the log file and could not find any message error so it probably crashed before having time to log the problem, weird. Fact is that I disable all unused plugins before start the flight and in this particular I was offline so disable both, Vatsim and IVAO. I saw that last lines in Log was referring to something related to a network ATC but I could not identify which one. Isn't it the xplane default ATC? Sorry to bother you Goran but can you help me identify which was so I can uninstall it?
  11. Me too There is probably some issue on the server because it was working not long time ago when I tried that. I usually do not fly over US so I'm not monitoring this system often
  12. WIndows Event Vier - Aplications Error System - Provider [ Name] Application Error -
  13. Unfortunately had my flight ruined today Log.txt
  14. Well, to be fair with HotStart both bad behavior came from X-Plane 11 and we should continue pissing off Austin until it got fixed. The two main issue with XP11 IMO BTOH Toto and Goran are very skilled guys and could minimize or fix this, if possible. But I agree with you, Hotstart TBM has this issues and I don't think reflects how real aircraft behaves.
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