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  1. Spot whats new (v1.1 spoiler alert)

    We really want to have a feature list and bug fix list of V1.1 soon
  2. CRJ-200 New Version 1.7 for XP 10 & 11

    Hopefully we can have the update soon
  3. Adjust comm volume in the cockpit?

    Well, he said online...
  4. Adjust comm volume in the cockpit?

    If you are using XSquawkBox, you can set COM volume individually in Audio Settings panel.
  5. SkyMaxx Pro v3.3.2 Has Been Released!

    Thanks for the update! However the Mac installer doesn't seem to work under macOS Sierra. The zip package unzips fine, but when I try to install this window pops up: I have downloaded twice and both have the same issue. I'm afraid of using up the downloads so I didn't use the last download. Is there anybody else having this issue? Thanks for the help.
  6. Read a text file problem

    In a rare case... The file you are trying to read is actually "charts2.txt.txt". The OS has hidden the last suffix. I know it is highly unlikely to be this case, just a thought.
  7. IXEG 737 Classic Release Announcement

    Warning: mysqli_connect(): (42000/1203): User xaviat_root already has more than 'max_user_connections' active connections in/home/xaviat/public_html/catalog/includes/functions/database.phpon line20Unable to connect to database server! Website down ladies and gentlemen!
  8. A little finding...

    To celebrate the upcoming release of IXEG 737 Classics, I opened up one of my earliest downloaded aircraft back in I was using XP9: the XPFW 737-300, just wanted to start to have some feeling of the 737 Classics again. To my surprise, I found this: Look at those little words on the bottom of the picture... It's our dear @Mortenand @tkyler! I wonder if there's any connection between this and IXEG 737 Classics... Anyway, let's all enjoy this upcoming weekend!
  9. IXEG 737 Classic Release Announcement

    I don't know if I should watch Game of Thrones or study 737C this weekend...
  10. IXEG 737 Progress Update - April 10th

    Wow...wow...wow!!! Watch your word, Tom...Are you serious!!!
  11. 737s alive and kickin'

    Not Boeing, not flying
  12. What did you fly today?

    Landing in sunset
  13. I wonder if it is a mesh editor...
  14. Hide the details...

    fromhttp://developer.x-plane.com/?article=obj8-file-format-specification Above is for *.obj file. If you use *.for, try http://developer.x-plane.com/?article=forest-for-file-format-specification
  15. Javier rollon's CRJ-200 awy/wpt mismatch

    Check out skyvector.com, Z11 is a one direction RNAV airway, it starts from ADA to NIBGA. You can't fly this airway from NIBGA to ADA because it runs only one direction.