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  1. ktomais

    Liveries request

    Maybe an Olympic Airlines livery?
  2. ktomais

    Flying with two pilots

    Hello! I was wondering if you are planning to include the capability for two people to operate the aircraft together, one assuming the role of the Captain and the other one being the FO. That being said, I would like to say congratulations from my part to the team, for what has been achieved so far in all aspects of the simulation, and for the commitment to this endeavour. I think it is an unprecedented achievement and it will be a really high bar to beat, as well as an inspiration for other content creators. Kind regards.
  3. ktomais


    It seems to be... (...) ground vehicles with side menu managing - tow truck, catering truck, boarding ramp (...).
  4. ktomais

    The B737 Classic Project

    The texture looks amazingly realistic, metal looks like metal should, and even small details on the gear and the undercarriage are visible, and true to life. Everything looks so convincing. Kudos! The only thing that remains is to recruit someone to make the livery of Olympic Airways
  5. ktomais

    Best Mac Hardware for X-Plane

    I would also vote for the 27" iMac with the top GPU (Graphics Card) configuration.
  6. Click on Apple symbol on top left of screen > Click on About this Mac > Click on More info, that should tell you your specs. On your issue, from what I understand its either an old X-Plane installation and should benefit from a complete reinstall, or you don't have much RAM.
  7. ktomais

    Update to Mavericks?

    You might find this helpful to better understand how to read RAM in Activity Monitor.
  8. ktomais

    Update to Mavericks?

    Do not pay much attention to the general reading in Activity Monitor in regards to memory usage in Mavericks. Several techs that were introduced with the OS release may show borderline RAM usage but that's not really the case. In my MBP sometimes with Safari, Skype and Mail open it shows that I'm using 6GB of RAM, which obviously can't be realistic. If you can find the app process on the table it'll probably tell you more accurately what it's using. Otherwise on the bottom right of the Activity Monitor panel you can see App Memory (the actual active RAM), Cached Apps (Apps that have been opened and are kept in memory for fast launch), and wired memory. Those three make your total to 7.99 but the system is not actively using 7.99. It can purge cached apps to use in the active ones if needed. Therefore your performance issues should not be caused by memory capacity. If the above solution by alfletcher yields no results, 10.9.3 beta testing also focused around graphics drivers. I believe we'll see improvements soon. That being said I don't have any issues with X-Plane under Mavericks. MBP early 2011.
  9. ktomais

    Update to Mavericks?

    You might want to wait for 10.9.3 to be released. It's expected within the week.
  10. ktomais

    Update to Mavericks?

    I have a very positive experience with Mavericks. The experience of OS X installs however indeed varies, but in my opinion this variation in experience quality comes down to proper maintenance of the software and hardware (i.e. if you keep updating the OS and never clean-install it's generally not a very good idea). Now to your point. The Intel embedded graphics indeed have more VRAM available to them if necessary. Basically what Mavericks does is that it boots with a bare minimum and then distributes as needed. However keep in mind that the VRAM comes from your RAM, therefore if it's available Mavericks will use it. If your computer is about to crash it's going to take it away from VRAM or compress it and assign it as RAM either to the OS or the app running. In a few words if you have 8GB RAM or more go for it, otherwise I don't think you'll ever see your VRAM at 1GB. If you would like to install Mavericks anyways I think it's a good release. Hope this helps.
  11. ktomais

    The B737 Classic Project

    Thank you for the clarifications, I'm happy to hear you have thought of the potential issues with this approach and you're taking steps towards it, as well as the variable sensitivities Jan mentioned. I am appreciative of the realism you try to bring, I just wanted to mention this practicality issue as balancing realism and practicality in a Sim can be a difficult task. In no way I want to sound unappreciative. The project looks magnificent overall, and one obsessing about a detail like this might seem wrong. I just think that "God is in the details" and from your answers it seems that that's the way the team thinks of it too. A community member that is passionate about a project sometimes might go too far, or be overly expressive, but I for one meant it well. Please continue your beautiful work.
  12. ktomais

    The B737 Classic Project

    My main concern is the speed of the adjustment, say to set a course from 033 to 210 left-hand turn, as well as when running out of screen space to have to go back with the cursor to continue the "correction". I've noticed the same thing with other purchased aircraft and it's hopelessly impractical and frustrating for me. Unless I'm doing something wrong and there's a way around it.
  13. ktomais

    The B737 Classic Project

    I noticed from the videos that in order to use the knobs of the autopilot one has to drag with the mouse. That is fine if you have TrackIR or something similar, but very annoying and slow if you're just using the mouse, or would like to remain in a specific view in the 3D cockpit. Is there a different option in place?
  14. ktomais

    Freeware 787-8 project

    Dear Mr Chang, That is BS, it is not the best option for the entire XP community, its just better for you and a few others. Best regards, U2 Fan It is for the majority of the community, many respectable developers that undoubtedly care about the X-Pilot community and the broader X-Plane community have gone down this road, that is to exclusively develop for XP10. It is understandable that you are frustrated with this decision, as it doesn't include you and a minority of users that unfortunately for several reasons cannot upgrade to a newer system to be able to run the new sim. However, with a new sim come new capabilities and new potential, and from a developers standpoint it is very reasonable to want to create the best possible with the tools that you have, and that cannot be achieved with XP9, and when you take several years building a plane, or even a few months it should be on something that you enjoy. Additionally this doesn't only benefit the developer, but also the broader community as it reaches new levels of simulation and also serves as an advocate for the potential of the sim, bringing new developers and new very welcome users. If I blame the devs here for something is that they changed their course midway, they should have realised that from the beginning. However, frustration and bitterness aside I believe you can understand that backwards compatibility can hurt and cripple a platform if continued for too long, and without good reason.
  15. ktomais


    Ah, that's fantastic. Birthday approaching so I will honour it soon. Thanks for the info Ben, I've must have gone so fast over the specs that I missed it.