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  1. mpedroni

    SkyMaxx Pro v4.0.1 Has Been Released!

    I hope that with this update will not require a new activation, could no longer fly without Skymaxx, and I still do not know how many activations of the three available.
  2. mpedroni

    vSpeed callouts for IXEG 733 - LUA Script

    Fantastic script, just a question. Why you do not use bug 1 for V1, bug 2 for rotate and bug 3 for V2?
  3. mpedroni

    The IXEG 733 actual equipment and systems onboard

    For study i suggest this link http://files.eurofpl.eu/originalfpl/pdfs/EuroFPL-ICAO_Flightplan_Form_Basics-latest.pdf
  4. mpedroni

    Weight & Balance - CoG

    Hi. For a correct balance you can use this Load & trim Sheet.
  5. mpedroni

    LNAV turns precision

    Good morning. I found accuracy problems during turn in LNAV mode. As you can see from the picture, from one airway to another it is not properly anticipated the turn. In this specific case I would have to start the turn about 2 miles before CHI, however the LNAV begins approximately 1 mile before, the result is that instead of making one right turn makes two.
  6. the problem no longer occurs removing Itow. Shame because it is a handy plugin for pushback
  7. I will try Thanks Ben
  8. Here the log Log.txt GizmoLog.txt
  9. When press P for Pause open CMD and no way to come to fly. Nothing on log.txt and gizmoLog.txt
  10. mpedroni

    Can't see ident of VOR

    VOR1 VIL 115.80 VOR2 VIC 113.40 NDB1 GAZ 382 NDB2 VIC417
  11. mpedroni

    Can't see ident of VOR

    'morning. Just to understand, then green needles in full vor/ils mode indicate adf, I not vor? You know that Italian people are funny and muddler!
  12. mpedroni

    Tip for Saitek throttle quadrant in 737

    This is mine. Just print, cut and attach!
  13. mpedroni

    EHSI preview window

    Instead I would like you could keep on. Maybe clicking on the navigation display you might display and exit ...
  14. mpedroni

    Navigation display distance to next

    thanks Morten!