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McDonnell Douglas MD-11 & MD-11F project by A.T.S.

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Hello everyone,

the A.T.S. team is proudly to announce our next project for X-Plane: the McDonnell Douglas MD-11 & MD-11F.
First of all let us say that we understand very well your concerns and doubts about a new project declaration when our first and actual project about the MD-82/83 is still to hit the market, so why we're doing so?
Because the graphical part of the MD-82/83 is 99.9% complete: of course we keep that 0.1% for last minute fixes (if needed) resulting from the beta test phase and further upgrades, but there's absolutely no reasons to keep an excellent graphical artist doing nothing while I'm developing and testing the final pieces of code... looking at previous posted images all of you are now aware about the graphical level we want to achieve, and looking at the declaration date of the MD-82/83 project (April 2013) you can imagine how much time and effort is needed to reach that level.
Other than that, for this new project we’re going to have a new resource for the art department and if things goes well we’ll have even a new resource that will help me with the code. 
Absolutely no time and no development efforts are, has been or will be taken away from the MD-82/83 project: MD82/83 has 100% of our time, now and mainly after we'll hit the market, so totally no worries about something such less support and/or loss of interest because a new project... for all of you should be now crystal clear that we at A.T.S. are not interested to hit the market as soon as possible with unsatisfactory products, our priority is to develop study level products and giving 100% support to our customers.
Back to the MD-11, we already retrieved a good amount of official documentation and we're in touch with some active and retired MD-11 pilots that are interested to collaborate with us, so this is something whose foundations were already started not something that will start from now on... obviously there're no images to show right now and Parsec will need some time before to show something, but in this very moment we believe it's important to let all of you aware of what we'll create right after, and somewhat alongside, the MD-82/83.
Thank you for your kind attention.
Best regards

The A.T.S. team.


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I honestly thought I couldn't love you guys any more and then you come out with an announcement like this.

I adore the PMDG MD-11, but it's definitely showing its age and I much prefer X-Plane as a sim over P3D. This fixes both of those issues and provides X-Plane with a solid study-level heavy to complement all the great short-haul planes we're getting (IXEG, your MD-82, PMDG DC-6, FlyJSim 727v2)

If it upholds the same level of quality as your MD-82, you will 100% have my money on release day. Keep it up.

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Many thanks to all of you!

There're a lot of good chances that quality level will be better than our MD-82: actually we're learning some more techniques that years ago were not known at the begin of the project so regarding the MD-11 we'll start in a totally different, and much better, way.


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16 hours ago, marpilot said:


how is it going?

I don't know if you are aware of this, but one of the ATS members left the team in outrage over some issues at the .org forums, and now it's unlikely that they will be able to recover and release this things, let alone the MD-82 :(.

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