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  1. Hi PROBLEM: From my very first flight attempt yesterday everytime the IXEG 737 got its rear wheels off the ground, a black cmd.exe window would appear advising to press any key to continue. The simulator would pause until you cleared the command window. Clearing the first cmd.exe would simply open another, then another, and another with no end in site. You are forced to crash/kill X-Plane to break the cycle. Tried the trick of removing my preferences from output, disabling LUA, and even uninstalling and re-installing the 737. None of my other aircraft have this problem
  2. Hi Sitting here in New Zealand @ 5:15pm on a Saturday afternoon waiting semi-patiently like the rest of you :). Something else people might like to go look at given the level of systems detail it appears this model will have - AngleOfAttack's PMDG 737 video training material. I purchased and downloaded the individual files for their PMDG 777 course and used them with the X-Plane 777 Worldliner. Few minor differences ofcourse but generally pretty 1:1 and a good watch regardless. Lots of detail about how all the individual systems work right down to the APU, and a number of exampl
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