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  1. RobW05

    Instead of the Garmin I only see the PFD repeat

    Me again You are in display revisionary mode. Press the red button at the lower left corner of your PFD to get to normal mode.
  2. RobW05

    PFD goes, but not MFD

    Just to be sure, you have the power switch in BAT or GPU position, right? If so, then check the TBM maintenance menu and xplane failures as well in case you turned these on. Also check the circuit braker panel.
  3. RobW05

    Cabin light switch does not work

    The manual seems to be misleading, in fact this switch seems to enable cabin lights to be turned on individually and will turn off at all once. It won't turn all lights on. This is what the POH says: The pilot can switch off the cabin floodlights and the baggage compartment dome light with the ”CABIN” switch.
  4. RobW05

    Response Curves on Logitech/Saitek Yoke

    That's the big question! There is not really a 'good' affordable yoke around(*), at least that's how it is now. Some may claim that even 1000 dollar is affordable when you get a very well produced product which serves you many years. (speaking about the Yoko the Yoke) But that's too much of a spend for me, at least for now. (*) But that might change. Theres a company called Honeycomb coming up with a yoke and a quadrant they claim to fill the gap between the low budget and expensive high quality yokes. It has 90° of travel on the roll axis and a bigger travel than Saitek also on pitch axis. That alone should be a great improvement. I'm still sceptical but I decided to jump the gun and pre-ordered one of these. It should come sometime in October and then I'll see.
  5. RobW05

    Response Curves on Logitech/Saitek Yoke

    I haven't found a really satisfying curve for the Saitek yoke and some time ago I gave up and got back to linear. Whatever i did to smoothen out the pitch response around center it created inconveniences elsewhere. The Saitek yoke, at least mine, has a too heavy centering force and is totally lacking fine control in that important range. What adds to that is the general heavily noisy output, I can watch the signal dancing around no matter how smooth I try to move it. So for me the solution is replacing that yoke and I plan to do that rather soon.
  6. RobW05

    Three issues I have

    And you did extremely well so! I can enjoy a low level cruise above Orbx True Earth territory with Skymaxx Pro / FSGRW combo with graphic settings in the "upper middle class" and still get away with 25 to 35 fps.
  7. RobW05

    Three issues I have

    Ahh, not too far away from mine, I actually have the i7-8700k / Z370 board. But I am sticking with a 1070 card. At the time I was getting it the 1080 Ti was just crazy expensive. Thanks!
  8. RobW05

    Three issues I have

    @HarlockG Would you mind posting your system specs? I almost dropped my coffee cup reading about 55 fps . That machine sounds like the praised land from my point of view, assuming that we're not talking vanilla xplane 11 and TBM900 only without anything else.
  9. RobW05

    TBM900 and Live Traffic Plugin CTD

    A lot of people, me included, have had crashes with xplane AI enabled. The developers are aware it has something to do with AI, it just seems to be really hard to get to the bottom of this problem and the devs say it's unknown if it's a problem with the TBM, xplanes AI or traffic plugins, or even a weird combination of all that. Meanwhile I leave xplane AI off and just use the TCAS page to look for traffic injected by Live Traffic plugin. So far it's working for me without crashes.
  10. RobW05

    TBM900 and Live Traffic Plugin CTD

    That's not the TCAS page in your picture, that's the MFD map. Turn the inner FMS knob to get to the TCAS page and you will see. Keep in mind that TCAS is in standby mode while you're still sitting on the tarmac, so turn it on to see ac shown.
  11. RobW05

    TBM900 and Live Traffic Plugin CTD

    That's only partially true. As Live Traffic planes are injected into xplane just like online traffic eg on Vatsim, the TBM's TCAS does display them just fine without a need to enable some xplane AI planes. You only need to enable some xplane AI aircraft if you want Live Traffic planes to show up on your MFD map too.
  12. RobW05

    crash bar issue

    Thanks Goran for explaining in such detail! Not that I ever needed it up to now, but I had a window coming up asking me to name this pc, which I didn't understand at that time why it wants me to do so. Now is there a place somewhere where I can look up how much activations I used and which machine names I chose? EDIT: Goran (the man offering the fastest and best support ever) just gave me a hint via discord that the answer to my question is in the video, which I obviously didn't watch before posting. Shame on me!
  13. RobW05

    icing effects

    Hard to say from the picture. The frame around the windshield seems to be iced, but the glass itself? Could be rain. However, I know that Toto mentioned windshield icing should still work if you have set visual effects to low in the TBM menu. Maybe that's why it's working for you. Low is not an option for me though.
  14. RobW05

    icing effects

    @icywings11 I think he meant the windshield icing, which is in fact missing since a few versions. The developers may re-implement it in a future version.
  15. RobW05

    TBM900 Throttle Issue since last update

    There was a similar problem discussed in this thread recently, maybe that helps you too.