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  1. RobW05

    3D data for homecockpit building?

    This was posted a while back by Goran in the Hotstart discord cockpit builders section. (hope I'm allowed to re-post it here)
  2. RobW05

    TBM900 and Live Traffic Plugin CTD

    I don't own Traffic Global, but I am interested in it too. My best guess is it won't work, as in the Traffic Global FAQs they state that you need the "xplane TCAS hack" to get it working with third party plugins and aircraft. That means you have to configure up to 19 xplane AI planes in order to see traffic in the TBM and that is what seems to be the cause for many CTDs with the TBM. However, Traffic Global also provides Datarefs for the traffic, so theoretically Hotstart could also implement Traffic Global directly. Of course that would mean some effort on Hotstart side.
  3. RobW05

    Fuel range ring ?

    You can file bugs here: http://dev.x-plane.com/support/bugreport.html Be aware that a non-centered range ring might not be a bug per se. In the real G1000 the ring also includes wind information and I think that is also modelled in the xplane G1000. Definitively a bug it is when the ring is totally misplaced.
  4. RobW05

    Fuel range ring ?

    The "why" I don't know, but just to explain what I meant with "off": 1. It shows a false range. -> That is something Toto has been working on, so it's a TBM "bug" and will have to be fixed by Hotstart. 2. The ring sometimes does not center correctly. -> That seems to be a Laminar bug, but I have no idea if they are working on a fix. If you can reproduce it best would be to file a bug report with Laminar.
  5. RobW05

    Log of TBM crash

    Can't help you, but the devs always need the full log.txt file as it contains important information for trouble shooting.
  6. RobW05

    VATSIM Client and TBM

    You could check the audio panel left of the PFD if you have muted the related chanel.
  7. RobW05

    CTD: GPS error?

    The TBM doesn't support xplane betas. That being said a lot of users had crashes with many third party aircraft in the current beta run. Just go back to the last stable release and you're fine.
  8. RobW05

    1.1.4c ILS capture problem at EPLL

    I've just loaded up at GCTS runway 7 and confirm there's an issue. ITS localizer won't be picked up while the ISUR localizer (runway 25) is picked up just fine. Really strange, I've not come across such a problem before.
  9. RobW05

    Most efficient cruise speed?

    Almost correct, but you shouldn't consider airspeed as the determining factor. Depending on weight you choose a power setting between 46-50% torque and accept whatever airspeed that gives you. You can look that up in the POH under the cruise performance section. Look for the long range cruise tables.
  10. RobW05

    1.1.4c ILS capture problem at EPLL

    Did you have that problem in the air during approach, or just on the ground? What the TBM900 does differently than the default G1000 is that it actually models radio beam propagation so the signal could simply be distorted since you are on the ground. What I noticed in your pictures is that you seem not to have picked up the ILS signal correctly in the TBM. (see the "ITS" identifier shown right next to the frequency in the NAV window in your second screenshot? That is missing in your TBM screenshot so it did not pick up the signal correctly) So my best guess is it may have to do with the radio beam propagation model and therefore be a cool feature or a bug coming from this.
  11. RobW05

    TBM900 and Live Traffic Plugin CTD

    Correct, the TBM's TCAS doesn't need AI planes set in xplane. But TCAS controlled must be checked.
  12. RobW05

    Crashes to desktop when loading

    I would recommend to install a fresh, second copy of xplane 11. Just add the TBM without any other plugins or additional stuff. Does it still crash?
  13. RobW05

    Instead of the Garmin I only see the PFD repeat

    Me again You are in display revisionary mode. Press the red button at the lower left corner of your PFD to get to normal mode.
  14. RobW05

    PFD goes, but not MFD

    Just to be sure, you have the power switch in BAT or GPU position, right? If so, then check the TBM maintenance menu and xplane failures as well in case you turned these on. Also check the circuit braker panel.
  15. RobW05

    Cabin light switch does not work

    The manual seems to be misleading, in fact this switch seems to enable cabin lights to be turned on individually and will turn off at all once. It won't turn all lights on. This is what the POH says: The pilot can switch off the cabin floodlights and the baggage compartment dome light with the ”CABIN” switch.