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  1. RobW05

    Warning message : voltage & main gen

    You may have inadvertently put the source selector into GPU position. That would bypass the generator and trigger a main gen warning followed by a low voltage warning as the battery drains. Happened to me once and took me a few minutes to figure out.
  2. RobW05

    Charts from autorouter.aero on the desktop

    Sorry to hijack this thread, just a short question. Is the Navigraph chart implementation still planned?
  3. RobW05

    New issue with installation to latest build

    Have you had xplane running before you did the update? Don't know why, but with some earlier updates i had similar problems with the installer when running it right after closing xplane. Restarting the PC did the trick in these cases.
  4. RobW05

    France to USa. TBM delivery.

    I'm not sure if it covers all of Greenland, but the Grand Arctic Scenery from HSimulators has a Greenland mesh. It's payware and includes a bunch of airports, so it may be a bit too much just for overflying though.
  5. RobW05

    New project

    Since the day it came out I haven't flown anything else than the TBM, so I will be definitely looking into your new project! You guys rock.
  6. RobW05

    ILS Capture

    For localizer and glideslope navdata, xplane uses a "curated layer" which overrides the global data and custom data like navigraph. That way they want to make sure there's no mismatching between third party navdata and their default scenery. So if you find xplane localizer data to be wrong you have to report it via the gateway so that it gets fixed with one of the next releases.
  7. RobW05

    New project

    A G1000 equipped Cessna Caravan?
  8. RobW05


    Seems you have flooded your engine. As the message says you have to perform a dry motoring now to clear any fuel residue. All this is described in the POH, but here's what to do in short words: - Throttle in cutoff position - Ignition switch off - AUX BP switch on - Hold starter switch in on position for 2 seconds, then release - wait 10 seconds - Hold Starter switch in abort position momentarily, then release Now all residual fuel should have been cleared and you can try another regular start procedure.
  9. I would love to use one of the unused axis on my Saitek throttle quadrant. I have already asked once if they could possibly introduce dedicated commands for cut off, low and high idle and flight idle. That way I could create a custom axis which sends those commands at a certain axis value.
  10. You can assign buttons to do that. Don't remember the commands right now, but it's in the manual.
  11. RobW05

    Nexrad radar not showing precipitation

    I think it shows whatever the default xplane map shows when you enable the precipitation layer.
  12. RobW05

    great airplane except ground handling

    Very good summary, totally agree with almost all you wrote. It's just this part which is totally different for me: I have already mentioned it in a different thread, setting rudder in the green (you say even right of it? ) I find myself heavily correcting with massive left rudder once the aircraft picks up speed. I have to set rudder just a bit right of center, then I am able to keep it under control. No way for me to follow the book here, rudder in the green is a no go.
  13. RobW05

    TBM 900 v1.1.3 Update Released!

    Sure, but I meant that xplane might be looking for an axis, not keys. I remember having had the same behavior back in the days when I haven't had rudder pedals, in that case xplane would mix in some "rudder" with yoke movement as long as you are rolling below 40 knots. Edit: Indeed xplane seems to look for an axis. https://questions.x-plane.com/9669/auto-rudder-setup-when-using-saitek-yoke
  14. RobW05

    TBM 900 v1.1.3 Update Released!

    I guess that's how xplane handles it in case you don't have a dedicated axis defined for rudder. Just curious, how do you manage to take of and land without a rudder axis? I think that is pretty hard with this plane.