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  1. RobW05

    TBM900 internal/external light issues

    Turn on HDR in xplane graphics settings The visual effects slider must be at High (HDR).
  2. RobW05

    How can I get the throttle to go in REV?

    Ok, no problem, I just couldn't imagine that the TQ6 would create such problems. By the way, could it be that you have some special drivers or software installed for the TQ6 which would interfere with xplanes own settings?
  3. RobW05

    How can I get the throttle to go in REV?

    Jack, this is not meant to be rude in any way, but you do know how the reverse logic works in the Hotstart TBM, do you? This is from the manual: Please note that in the simulation, as in the real aircraft, you cannot move the throttle from the POWER range into the TAXI and REV ranges without lifting the flight idle lockout to get over the flight idle stop gate. To actuate this lockout, you will need to map a button or key to the sim/engines/thrust reverse toggle command (aka “Toggle thrust reversers”). Pressing this button or key will lift the lockout. NOTE Activating the “reverse toggle” command does NOT engage reverse thrust. The default X-Plane behavior has been overridden by the TBM900 simulation to behave as in real life. Instead, activating this action simply lifts the lockout tab. You then need to move your throttle past the flight idle stop and into the TAXI or REV ranges. Once in the ranges, you can release the “reverse toggle” button/key. The lockout tab will not re-engage until you again transition the throttle into the POWER range. This means all you need to do is to map your physical throttle axis as "throttle" in xplane, no curve whatsoever needed. It will control the whole range from alpha over beta to reverse, but to get into reverse you need to press a button which you have assigned to the "toggle reverse" command.
  4. RobW05

    How can I get the throttle to go in REV?

    Hmm, ok but it doesn't need any specific switches. You just need to bind any button or even a key for the specific command.
  5. RobW05

    How can I get the throttle to go in REV?

    Just curious, what makes the TQ6 so special that it doesn't work with the TBM's reverse logic?
  6. RobW05


    Xpst, I do understand your frustration. But we need to remember the TBM pushes xplanes limits in so many ways, like little or no other payware does. I think Hotstart could easily get rid of the problems if they stop coding around xplanes limitations and just provide default functionality packed in a nice looking model. That would mean no custom G1000, no synthetic vision, no custom weather radar or TAWS, etc... ... You get the idea. I highly appreciate what they do even if that means I have to stop using specific third party plugins temporarily.
  7. RobW05

    TBM 900 fuel incorrect?

    Your welcome! And just for the record, here's a flight planning KJFK to KJAC. Obviously this would never be done IRL.
  8. RobW05

    TBM 900 fuel incorrect?

    Hotstart has it correct and the TBM POH performance is correct as well. First you need to consider the conditions given for max range of 1730 NM: ISA conditions, MTOW, no wind, one pilot, 45 min fuel reserve, cruise altitude 31000 ft, long range cruise settings If you put in these conditions in the POH performance page you will really get a result of about 1730 plus reserve. For your planned 1300 NM leg you should even get away with 4 people and normal cruise settings if you leave all the other conditions untouched. Of course, mix in some heavy crosswind and things change drastically. You can use the real world POH, Hotstart has a link to it in their quick start guide in section 9.
  9. RobW05

    G1000, red X for rpm, NG and ITT

    Check if you have xplane's own failures enabled. If yes, fix all and disable it. Hotstart's failure system is far superior.
  10. RobW05

    I can't start the plane !

    It was just a guess, because you said you did start it with the GPU.
  11. RobW05

    I can't start the plane !

    That is because you most likely left the source selector at "GPU" position instead of switching to "BATT" after disconnecting the GPU.
  12. RobW05

    I can't start the plane !

    Makes no sense, he wouldn't have power at all. NG is rising too, but no fuel flow indicated, as if the lever was at cut off. Thats strange.
  13. RobW05

    I can't start the plane !

    Ok I'm out if ideas sorry. You should be fine as long as you didn't forget to put the power lever into low idle. Maybe it's worth checking if you have xplane default failures turned on and one of these hit you.
  14. RobW05

    I can't start the plane !

    Can you make a screenshot of your MFD in this situation? Maybe the CAS messages help to understand what's going on.
  15. RobW05

    Fuel range ring ?

    The function to turn it on or off is not modelled in the Laminar G1000. You will see the ring appear by default, but you will also find it is way off and not accurate in most cases.