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  1. RobW05

    Normal climb speed

    That is the best rate of climb speed, meaning that you gain the most altitude in the shortest time. However you may want to climb at faster speeds depending on environmental conditions.
  2. Good news, thanks! However that might still be a long wait until XE 1.10 comes out.
  3. Long range cruise might work, but max cruise settings could result in wet feet if winds are not favorable. Even with a good tailwind you will have to stress your fuel reserve i guess. But hey, it's simulation, have fun!
  4. RobW05

    Top of Decent in 1 minute and voice warning

    +1 That would be very useful!
  5. RobW05

    Simple question "not modeled in cabin"

    Just a guess: The "arrow brown" may be some optional device which, given that a google search for TBM 900 cockpit does not show pictures with this setup, the real airplane after they have modelled this didn't have. The "arrow red device" seems to be a placard, maybe with some ref speeds printed on it. You won't find much pictures in a Google search either.
  6. RobW05

    IPad App

    This thread is about the POH Performance app. I found the app is especially comfortable to re-check your calculations in flight against the real temperature and wind conditions. Very helpful!
  7. RobW05

    IPad App

    I have planned a 1200nm trip with the app just to see how accurate the numbers are. (obviously I planned with long range cruise settings) I found the app is almost spot on with fuel flow calculation and halfway to my destination I have burned roughly the amount of fuel I had expected by the numbers in the app. In contrast, the calculated fuel remaining in the plane was completely wrong, indicating that I would be running out of fuel a bit more than halfway. Sadly I have not been able to complete that flight because of my problem with frame rate drops on long flights, so I can only say the app was spot on for the half of my flight.
  8. RobW05

    TBM900 & Better push back

    I have tried that once, all worked normally, except that the plane slided to the left and right as if the tug driver was drunk. Seems betterpushback and the TBM do not work quite well together. But hey, how often do you see a TBM 900 being pushed by a tug in real life? Maybe Totoritko will do something about it in future..
  9. Just installed a fresh copy of xp11 to do some more testing regarding my problem with fps drop on longer flights. Thought it would be a good opportunity to take part on this performance test. So here it is: CPU: i5 6500 3,2 GHz RAM: 16GB GPU: GTX 1070 OS: Windows 10 Res: 1920x1080 XP: 11.26 TBM Vers.: 1.10 (1.09b) TBM: 105 fps Default Cessna: 120 fps
  10. RobW05

    TBM 900 v1.1 Update Released!

    I have the same problem when using WT3..... Give it a try without WT3 and see what it does ? Thanks, yes I plan to do a fresh xplane 11 install anyway and try without any plugins. The thing is, I never had this kind of problem and I have WT3 running since the day it came out. So far only happened with the TBM. WT3 is one of my essentials and I don't want to fly without it.
  11. RobW05

    Bounces too easily?

    I think with a 200fpm touchdown it's not bouncing, it's still too much lift on your wing. The TBM likes to fly and you have to manage your airspeed on final and touchdown. Don't forget to keep "flying" the aircraft even after your wheels touch the ground to prevent wind gusts lifting you up again.
  12. RobW05

    TBM 900 v1.1 Update Released!

    Thanks for your feedback. I will try again with a fresh xplane install as soon as i find the time. Normally I wouldn't spend that much time to sort out problems, but your TBM 900 is worth it. I really enjoy every minute flying. Thank you for this great model!
  13. RobW05

    TBM 900 v1.1 Update Released!

    I am experiencing this issue as well. Longer flights end up losing 10-15 frames over time. Restarting fixes the issue. Thanks! I thought i was the only one. One thing i noticed is that no matter how much i turn down graphic settings, eliminate weather, reflections, nothing will change and the fps just stay around 10-15. Only a restart helps. So i don't think i'm running out of memory or something. Want to investigate further but i have so little time these days...
  14. RobW05

    TBM 900 v1.1 Update Released!

    Yes, indeed i have World Traffic 3 running. Is there a known conflict with the TBM?
  15. RobW05

    TBM 900 v1.1 Update Released!

    Not for me, sadly. Short flights are ok, but on longer flights my frames drop from 25-30 to mid tens, unflyable. Restarting the simulator bring my frames back up.