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  1. 737 suddenly crashes every time

    I'm thinking to remove JD ground services since I don't use it at all. Other than that I don't think I install anything new since crashes have become frequent
  2. Hi, Unfortunately 737 become un-flyable for me. I did several flights (short/long haul) and all of them ended up with IXEG crash. I tried to re-fly same routes with other airlines such as FF757 and Rotate MD80 - all of them made to destination without any problem. The only change I made was update to the latest version of xEnviro. I also do regular updates for NAVIGRAPTH FMS DATA cycle. That is pretty much it. This is latest crash KLAX-KSEA IXEG_FMS_debug.txt IXEG_user_prefs.txt Log.txt GizmoLog.txt
  3. KDEN PANC crash

    Hi Jan, Sorry for delayed response. I'm kind of fell out of loop:( I will attached all logs next time it happens. I'm currently using X-Enviro and BetterPushBack
  4. KDEN PANC crash

    I apologize I posted in the wrong section of the forum. It wasn't gizmo crash it was CTD with service window after XP11 crash. To make matter worse 737 crashed before around PANC but it was when I was flying pre XP11 version of 737. This time I saved the route in case if someone wants to reproduce. This tine crash occurred shortly after choosing ILS runway 15 at PANC without STAR or transition. I wonder if again it has something to do with FMC? I've done numerous 5 hours runs to different destinations in IXEG without any problems.. P.S. Still IXEG is my favorite airliner
  5. KDEN PANC crash

    After almost 5 hours! Aghhh The route: KDEN LAR V118 MBW J136 BIL J13 GTF J569 NAAPP V324 YYD V301 XT R4 PR B28 SIT J133 ALJ JOH PANC Log.txt IXEG_FMS_debug.txt
  6. version.txt shows version 11. Does it mean 1.1 (not 1.2) or rather XP11? I also have push back only straight
  7. First official XP11 screenshot

    Now that is response that clarify everything. Thanks!
  8. First official XP11 screenshot

    Ok so it's basically a new installer that you guys are working on?
  9. First official XP11 screenshot

    So what is issue you are having?
  10. First official XP11 screenshot

    You still have to provide individual installer for each OS ?
  11. First official XP11 screenshot
  12. Midway (KSAN)

    I hope a bit later come a bit sooner. It's been a while without any updates
  13. First official XP11 screenshot

    Now why would people touch PFD - it's not a touch screen !
  14. [XP11] XP 11 1.02B1 FMC crash

    Thanks jfjoubert! Just as I suspected it has something something to do with data processing relative DYAMD3 approach.
  15. [XP11] XP 11 1.02B1 FMC crash

    Will do next time. It was definitely FMC error. I should have known better and take a screenshot of debug window. I was trying to troubleshoot it myself first until sim crashed It was a some kind of null exception and FMC functioning stopped, and I assume it may be related to particular STAR (I use navigraph and just updated tothe latest cycle). Just my educated guess (I'm software engineer and part time flight instructor) it may something to something with handling approach data. I don't believe it was any 3rd party gizmo. I've seen those kind of errors with IXEG FMC before. I know navigrath in the past was making some data errors during their update data. Unhanded null exceptions usually causing this