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  1. sdflyer

    TBM 900 v1.1.10 Update Released!

    Just have downloaded update. Everything runs smoother like a butter! Thank you very much for your continuous work on TBM!
  2. sdflyer

    mini review

    Hi, I have never flown C23 in real life, but I did put some hours in Debonair, Sierra and Bonanza. First, of all very impressive model a typical high standard LES implementation. It feels and breathes like typical Beech. However, few little things I miss among other movable sun visors, headset that would reduce engine noise, and finally rain and ice effect.
  3. sdflyer

    3D data for homecockpit building?

    LOL What you describe can be true for 99% of GA aircraft. However, by my standards TBM cockpit space is huge and specious comparing with most aircraft I fly !
  4. sdflyer

    IXEG 737-400/500

    I love IXEG 737. It's one of a kind. I'm really looking forward for an update, which seems way overdue...
  5. sdflyer

    XP 11.35

    I just made 2 hour flight and so far no problem whatsoever. Noticeable fps increase with 11.35
  6. sdflyer

    P Factor

    I don’t know what you guys are looking for. Let go of controls and observe. Does airplane yaw and rolls? Try slow flight Vso + 5. Do you feel you need to give more right rudder? Can you use power for altitude and pitch for airspeed ? I think it’s just a basic things to discover before go to much into science. A lot of WW2 birds had huge powerful engines and 50 hours pilots could handle them just fine. Also remember in most cases designers try to offset prop factors by tweaking thrust line, placing empennage certain way and etc Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. sdflyer

    P Factor

    P-factor is prominent during climb. What you experience on take off run in mostly torque and slipstream. Also there is gyroscopic precession that predominantly noticeable in tail draggers when tail is raised Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. sdflyer

    Taildragger version

    I tested yesterday some more. No problem with tricyle gear version I can trim airplane for 70kts with full flaps and fly approach hands free with 500 ft descent/ 2.5 degrees GS
  9. sdflyer

    Sounds (request )

    Really enjoy the overall sound quality in Pocket Rocket. However, I have few questions of perhaps future additional feature. 1. Will it be possible to add headphones like in TBM and make cockpit sounds less prominent 2. Will it be possible to add touch down sounds? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. sdflyer

    G1000 question and G5

    I understand G1000 is tailored specifically for Impulse. So G1000 features 3 tanks; however, it seems it indicates odd value? I looked at aircraft manager and XP11 stock weight and balance menu both show different fuel values from G1000. Am I missing something? Also why is G5 always on? My G5 seats on the main. As batteries switch of G5 give countdown and shuts dow unless power button is pressed, then I stays on. P.S. I'm using lbs units for fuel
  11. That is interesting. Gotta check software version on mine
  12. It's primary PFD. STC SA01818WI. Certified as primary AI and TC. Legally speaking I can't use HSI but I can select HSI screen. Again services by Garmin just a little less then a year ago!
  13. II bought it from Chief Aircraft, STCed by Garmin and installed by legit avionic shop. Also G5 was serviced last year by Garmin once. Numerous IFR check rides in my airplane by different student never had an issue.
  14. Yes two interchangeable "flying" screens. I bought mine STC G5 when it just appeared on the market in 2016. I can switch between HSI and PFD screens even thought I don't have second G5 unit or GMU11 installed. Go figure
  15. I'm not sure how detailed G5 will be modeled, but there are several screens that can be brought up on G5 (in real life) G5 HSI unit requires GMU11 magnetometer mounted on the wing. I don't think think developers will go to that extreme LOL, but who knows