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  1. Custom Cockpit

    And the same for different NAV panels
  2. Constant Speed Drive - in other words - Generator.
  3. The IXEG and X-Plane 11 Topic [Merged]

    Not even close...
  4. Spot whats new (v1.1 spoiler alert)

    Can we expect a NAV panel as on the photo below (active/stby) in v1.1?
  5. DES FORECAST - TL format

    I think it should be level as during descent You change to qnh on TL. kamil
  6. DES FORECAST - TL format

    Hi, I have a potential bug. In DES FORECAST in TRANS LVL field shouldn't there be e.g. 050 or 50 instead of 5000? Regards, Kamil
  7. Smartcopilot

    When Master is on autopilot my yoke is jittering (as well as fuel gauges). About clouds - cannot say, because I use config without weather (both have FSGRW + Sundog). But when we tried config with weather once there was no sync in weather.
  8. Airac validity date is not correct

    It's just first digit missing. Happen before. 1605 is valid until 25/MAY/2016.
  9. preflight gui

    Also You don't have to change it in preflight menu. You cando it in ground services menu. It is simpler that way.
  10. PFPX IXEG profile

    I'm sorry that I was even bothering You with this problem. It was my mistake and a silly one. I had PFPX 1.23. When updated to 1.26 everything is fine. Thank You for help and thank You even more for the file :). Regards
  11. PFPX IXEG profile

    Hi, I have downloaded and started using this profile (just as a test) but there seems to be a problem with Cruise Flight Level. For me calculations are always for FL000 (?!). Do You have the same problem? Does anyone have a solution? Looks like this: -N0247A000 LOLSI T174 INDIG L980 BADUP/N0248A020 L980 SUI UL867 RADEL UL619 PODUS/N0247A000 UL619 BUMIL Thanks, PS. BTW great job! Thanks to all of IXEG team!