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  1. Looking to invest in rudder pedals...advice

    I use MFG Crosswind, very happy with them. Do a search on youtube and you find a lot of reviews. No need for 3rd party software. Just calibrate (with provided software) and you are up and running.
  2. The IXEG and X-Plane 11 Topic [Merged]

    I see, GW will not update when you enter plan fuel
  3. The IXEG and X-Plane 11 Topic [Merged]

    Do you enter in "plan fuel" in PERF page ?
  4. LUA Script - vSpeed callouts for IXEG 733

    You don't need to use this script at all. Your aircraft will work perfectly fine without it. Many people missed V1, Vr and V2 callout for this aircraft, so that is the reason I made it.
  5. LUA Script - vSpeed callouts for IXEG 733

    Hello dude. Check out the first post for information.
  6. [UNCONFIRMED] XP v11 issues, report here

    Have done a couple of flights with PB6. And just did a 4 hour trip now, but did not experience any problems with blackscreen/hypoxia/cabin-pressure.
  7. LUA Script - vSpeed callouts for IXEG 733

    Thanks for the information. I personally set the top bug to the minimum clean speed, but dident have the weights for 210kt and 220kts, so thanks. Will update my instructions.
  8. AutoSave for the IXEG 733

    There is some (a lot) of limitations with this script at the moment. But working on it. For now the script is automaticly saving the situation to a interval I set and storing some information about fuel remaning. Before you are loading the situation you need to set the Preflight to "Ready to Fly" and set up the aircraft with fuel, perf, route etc. When you load the situation, the script is setting up the autopilot so you get a stable aircraft when its loading up.
  9. AutoSave for the IXEG 733

    Hello folks. What is the most frustrating part with X-Plane? For me it is when Im ~2 hours into the flight, at top of descent, checking maps, weather, atis, etc... and suddenly... KABOOM, X-Plane crashes.. That is happening time to time. A reason for a crash to desktop is often hard to know. It could be conflicting plugins, bad scenery etc.. Or just something simple as a power outage. So in this frustration I have made a LUA script that are Auto Saving the situation every 10 minutes (or what I set it to). And it keeps a history of 10 savings. It is using the X-Plane's built in sytem for saving and loading situations, but im trying to customize it for the IXEG 733. I made this for personal use. But if this is something that are interessting for you guys, I could maybe make a release of it. What do you think ? Here is a quick and dirty demo how it is working at the moment.
  10. Are you doing it like this ? You need to know your ZFW before you takeoff, since you cant access the ground service menu in air.
  11. XP 11 Public Beta 6 is out

    And it broke FlyWithLua (again) for sure ^^
  12. XP 11 Public Beta 6 is out

    As the title say. XP 11 Public Beta 6 is out. Public Beta 6 Key Features & Improvements XPD-7464 Fixed FPS issues due to smoke lasting forever. Plugin API fixes: Plugin keyboard focus – keyboard interactions should work between plugins and X-Plane. XPD-6440 Rare memory scribble. XPD-7080 Persisted plugin commands lose descriptions. XPD-7240 Plugin menus missing ticks & dots. XPD-7410, XPD-7436 Fixed interior lighting flashing when reflection settings not at min Additional Bug Fixes Tuned fog to be less foggy in good vis, more foggy in bad vis. More flight model tuning. Initial loading screen now displays version info. New user-submitted flight config files. XPD-6568 Added Portuguese and Spanish translations, updated French and German. XPD-6731 We now sync the menu text for a window no matter how it’s closed. XPD-6952 Popping out G530 to second monitor breaks sim text. XPD-7029 Authenticating after demo mode gives joystick controls back. XPD-7080 We now persist plugin-created command descriptions in the joystick and keyboard prefs files. XPD-7130 Fix for real weather not being properly updated. XPD-7174, XPD-7282 Fixed sound with multiple monitors. XPD-7255 Bug fixes for multi-monitors. XPD-7353 Fix for inability to drag AI aircraft on the map. XPD-7397 Fix for not being able to click on the text of radio buttons. XPD-7403 Turns off networked IOS in favor of only IOS on second monitor. XPD-7404 Removed the pref for reset-on-crash and replaced it with an unobtrusive popup to suggest you go to the flight config screen. XPD-7425 Fixes green buttons in IOS. XPD-7428 Fix for aircraft prefs getting trashed by an AI aircraft. XPD-7429 New CDU Display Remains “ON” When Battery Turned OFF. XPD-7431 Fix for discarding your “start engines running” pref. XPD-7437 Crash on startup due to missing navaid entry (Navigraph). XPD-7440 Fix for crash looking up airport IDs due to inconsistencies in their case. XPD-7444 Fix for “detail” output enums getting added multiple times when using the filtering. XPD-7445 Fixed scrolling in Data Output screen. XPD-7450 Prop feathering on ground causes airplane crash. XPD-7453 Fix for storing translated versions of Ctrl and Shift in your prefs, causing prefs to get trashed if you change languages.
  13. Hello When im doing some tests I often do a takeoff without any ORIGIN or destination aiport. You can enter a destination airport at RTE page. When you have done that you can select a arrival. To get the correct approach speeds you also need to enter your ZFW at the PERF page. You should be able to do that in the air also.
  14. Navigraph Airac Update + IXEG 733 = Crash

    Try that and see if that works out for you. When i tested now I used this from Navigraph
  15. Navigraph Airac Update + IXEG 733 = Crash

    If I remove my fmc_data folder I get a x-plane crash reporter. So maybe it is so simple as a typo ? Should look like this