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  1. Tom Stian

    TBM 900 Kepad not working

    Check for failures.. it can fail
  2. Tom Stian

    TBM 900 Slow down frame rate after long flights

    I have the same issue also. (i have not tried 1.1.1 yet) After 1-2 houres the FPS is dropping. When powering down the aircraft the FPS is restored, but if I power up the aircraft again (in the same session) the FPS is going down again.
  3. Tom Stian

    Normal climb speed

    I use this as my rule for climbspeed: 0 to FL150: 140knots FL150 to FL250: 150knots FL250 to FL310: mach 0.400 (But normaly just continue with 150knots)
  4. Tom Stian

    Crash on startup - Gizmo related ?

    Hi again. Got the exact same error (displayed in log.txt) But this time I got it after I installed v1.0.7 and was trying to activate the aircraft. I entered my email and password and clicked activate resulted in a CTD. The aircraft worked ok (and was activated) after I started up X-Plane again. Log.txt GizmoLog.txt
  5. Tom Stian

    Crash on startup - Gizmo related ?

    Hello, Enjoying this beautiful bird. But had 3-4 CTD so far. I dont see the pattern when its crashing. One time was during taxi, a other time it was during cruise. This time I got a crash immediate after the aircraft was loaded up in X-Plane. Using v1.0.4. Attaching the logs. Included the Wndows crash report. Log.txt GizmoLog.txt Report.wer
  6. Tom Stian

    No manual download?

    Ups.. my bad
  7. Tom Stian

    No manual download?

    The manuals are included in your aircraft folder after you install the aircraft.
  8. Tom Stian

    Rudder trim

    You can trim the rudder from the yoke.
  9. Tom Stian

    AutoSave for the IXEG 733

    Hello, This project is on hold and I haven't done anything with it the last year. Im sorry.
  10. Tom Stian

    New flightmodel from 11.30 (FSEXPO 2018)

    Take a look at the video from 28:00 ..
  11. Very interesting news from Laminar Research yesterday from FlightSimExpo. From X-Plane version 11.30 they will bring (again) some changes to the flightmodel. But this time the user will have a option to use the experimental flightmodel or not. But what I dident like so much was that the option is a general option and then will affect every aircraft. Wouldent it be better to make the option per aircraft ? i.e. from planemaker ? So the devs can decide if the new flightmodel is suitable for the aircraft or not ? Can the 733 benefit anything from this new flightmodel ? 11.30 also brings a new particle engine that looked very nice. More news about 11.30 https://www.thresholdx.net/news/dv1130 LR presentation at FSEXPO 2018 Alternativ video:
  12. Its not about if the temperatur is impossible or not. Its about the situation that you get teleported to E46. And I found one situation. I have no idea how this bug/teleport is experienced by other users, I dont have this problem. But I posted this because I thougt it maybe could be usefull/related.
  13. Not sure if this is usefull information for you. But if you change the dataref temperature_sealevel_c to -290 you will get teleported to E46 with the IXEG and FF A320. With default cessna X-Plane will just crash. Dont ask me why I was trying to change the temperatur to -290
  14. Tom Stian

    vSpeed callouts for IXEG 733 - LUA Script

    Great to hear.. Thanks for the feedback :)
  15. Tom Stian

    vSpeed callouts for IXEG 733 - LUA Script

    That was strange, I havent noticed this my self. What OS are you running ? X-Plane version? IXEG version? FlyWithLua version?