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  1. Do we need to request a "Red button" from Jan ? Anyway, something like this ? If you set the service interphone to "ON" you force the MTBF to 5 minutes in this test. I could maybe increase it to 10min.
  2. Testing out some new tweaks on the MTBF-code. This is for now just a test, but I tried to smooth out the MTBF a little. So what I have done is to make the failures less chance to happend if your flight time is below the MTBF you have set, and equal higher chance when you are above the MTBF. What do you think ? The result is this OLD: NEW:
  3. Window heat test

    If I understand it correct the window heat will automaticly turn off if it is a very hot day and the window heat is not needed. So lets say you have all the window heat switches on, but two of the OFF lights are illuminating, you can use the power test to "Verify operation of the window heat system". I have a different window heat panel in my FCOM which have ON lights instead of OFF lights. So if you have the window heat switch in ON position, the OFF light can illuminate if the "system is at correct temperatur". In this condition you can do a Power Test. I may be very wrong about this
  4. Window heat test

    I think the only way to reset the overheat protection is to turn the switches off and on again. I don't have the same "Window Heat" panel in my FCOM, so im not sure excatly how it should work. Looks like the PWR TEST actual is doing a overheat test. So maybe its combined power and overheat test.
  5. After some thinking about logging the cycle between flights its giving no sense. Since each cycle have the equal chance to fail
  6. There is no history/logging between flights.. So the MTBF is "resetted" everytime you load the aircraft. So the MTBF just say something how often the failure can occur. But maybe some logging between the flights would be something for the next version. Thanks for the idea
  7. Rejected Take Off procedure

    That is not normal. But IXEG is using default X-Plane logic for the autobrake. And that is the way X-plane doing it. Correct me if im wrong Jan.
  8. 733 long haul

    Ill just use the step climbs that PFPX are giving me. PFPX should consider the winds at the different flight levels for the most economic flight My destinations so far have been: ESOK Karlstad EGFF Cardiff BGSF Kangerlussuaq CYYZ Toronto KLAS Las Vegas PHNL Honolulu PKMJ Majuro Atoll AGGH Honiara YSSY Sydney YPDN Darwin WAAA Ujung Pandang-Celebes Island WSSS Singapore VTBS Bangkok And now im flying to VGEG Chittagong After VGEG I will head to the interesting airport VNKT / Kathmandu
  9. Good to hear..:) If you think you get failures to often, change the MTBF_hours to 20. That will be the default in next update
  10. Hello My script was created for randomly enable the failures that IXEG have made for us (+ some extra failures as engine fire). Check first post for available failures. The IXEG 737-300 have custom made systems and logics that are not covered by X-Planes failure model.
  11. Wind speed in EHSI

    Hello @JaimeC I think you need to look at some other datarefs for actual winds acting on the airplane. sim/cockpit2/gauges/indicators/ wind_heading_deg_mag float 900+ no degrees_magnetic Wind direction currently acting on the plane, in degrees magnetic. wind_speed_kts float 900+ no knots Wind speed currently acting on the plane, in knots true. Im not really sure what values sim/weather/wind_speed_kt is indicating. But Sim / weather / wind_speed_kt [0] is X-Plane wind layer 1Sim / weather / wind_speed_kt [1] is X-Plane wind layer 2Sim / weather / wind_speed_kt [2] is X-Plane wind layer 3 It is max 3 wind and cloud layers available for X-Plane.
  12. 733 long haul

    I was a bit excited about this airport. So I did record the flight from just before top of descend. Hope you dont get motion sickness if you watch it
  13. 733 long haul

    Since Im on this long haul adventure I decided to do another one.. Im actually thinking of flying the whole way back to europe. I dont have any specific route, so I just planned to continue from PHNL and to a suitable airport. Ended up with PKMJ (Marshalls IS INTL). Dident knew anything about that airport, PFPX was showing runway lenght of 2412m so that sounded perfect. Im enroute now and just checked the charts and some pictures of the destination airport. And I got a bit surprised Glad this island is wide enough to fit this airport
  14. 733 long haul

    Its not often Im doing >2000nm flights. But very nice to have the opportunity
  15. 733 long haul

    Hehe.. Interesting reading.. That really could be my flight. Started with about 100 pax, but ended up with 60 pax, so I had enough fuel (and skipped ETOPS planning)