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  1. [Temporary]IXEG 737 in X-Plane 11 How to get it work

    Hi Ian, I noticed the same issue with "choking" while taxiing after landing in XP10, so maybe this is not XP11 specific problem. I even have a video on twitch. Sent from my VKY-L29 using Tapatalk
  2. 737-300 IXEG for Linux

    OK, thanks. So, the manual needs an update Sent from my VKY-L29 using Tapatalk
  3. 737-300 IXEG for Linux

    Hi Ben, for now the plane behaves very well in linux. I have however one thing that bothers me (could be again an issue of case sensitivity) ..... - can't find the TOGA custom command that is mentioned in the manual. So, it is a bit awkward during t/o, when I advance the throttle levers and start changing view in order to be able to click with the mouse the toga switch on the levers
  4. 737-300 IXEG for Linux

    OK, it took me a while to understand what is going on. All files of the navdata are ok in the folder NavData, except wpNavFIX.txt - it is expected to be in Navdata A tiny difference in case sensitive linux. So, I made a duplicate of the NavData but with the name Navdata and gizmo is happy again. So, if you could make the script to search for NavData instead of Navdata in future updates would be nice. Thanks again for the help!
  5. 737-300 IXEG for Linux

    I had a hunch it is a file of the navdata but didn't have time before work to experiment Thanks! I'll try tonight and report. Sent from my VKY-L29 using Tapatalk
  6. 737-300 IXEG for Linux

    Perfect. If the FMC issue is fixed I'll take it soon to the next level - vatsim flight. I can't believe it. IXEG737 is actually working on linux and quite smoothly.
  7. 737-300 IXEG for Linux

    So far everything in the plane seems to work, even the IRS alignment. Only the RTE page in FMC can't be programmed, I guess because of the error in the console "Run(timer): fmc_delayed_reset: [string "ixeg.733.fmc.gui.lua.ra1"]:1217: attempt to index local 'file' (a nil value)" Do you think anything can be done on my part about it? I mean could it be missing dependency lib or s.th. like that? About the sound files - you may see my gizmolog. These are 3 wav files. There is also another error - gxt.load: ErrorReport: FAILED: ext_info is nil, bad link?, but I am not sure if it affects the usage of the plane at all GizmoLog.txt
  8. 737-300 IXEG for Linux

    Thanks Ben! It is working now in Mint 18.1, XP10.51. I had to install some of the dependency libs (some trial and errors were involved in the process to guess which packages included them) and finally the gizmo kicked in. It took me about 10-15 minutes. It seems to work fine for now, though I haven't done a flight yet. P.S. Though there is an error in the gizmo Console, s.th. about fmc.gui.lua.ra1 and attempt to index local file, a nil value and as consequence the fmc does not accept any values in the RTE page .... (when attempting to enter airports in the RTE it says Not found in database). There were also some errors about names of sound files, but they were due to case of the letters which was easily rectified.
  9. SkyMaxx Pro v3 not working under Linux

    And what wrong did I say? I've been coming here from time to time to see if linux version of ixeg 737 had been in development and apart from one of your June posts about possible linux release of gizmo in a month, most of the times linux is mentioned you jump the gun and barbecue the person who dares to ask for such "perversion". So you may speak like Donald Trump here, call me names, delete my post, I intend to keep my calm P.S. Hire a PR, someone doesn't know how to speak publicly here. If you want to alienate more people from xaviation, go on. But I thought main value for xaviation was successful business. Hope it is not the business of insuling people who doesn't share your opinion. Sent from my LG-D855 using Tapatalk
  10. SkyMaxx Pro v3 not working under Linux

    Well, I misread the linux support and pirates stuff statement due to previous violent reactions to the linux support topic on this forum. Honestly there were two products I would buy from you - ixeg 737 and maybe skymaxx if supported for my os. For the first one I was even ready to install xplane on windows but the attitude here made me harden my position and wait to see if you will change your mind and support linux. I guess you will not from what I am reading .... Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  11. SkyMaxx Pro v3 not working under Linux

    You must be proud speaking like this. Hire a PR specialist to consult your posts before writing insults. I've never in my life have allowed myself calling people trolls/idiots etc online. Even when don't agree with someone. If discussing and arguing in a forum is such a pain and does not produce money why bother at all reading it and answering. For sure you will keep more clients if staying silent. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  12. SkyMaxx Pro v3 not working under Linux

    Maybe you are right .... So, windows pirates no linux versions .... Nice! Sent from my LG-D855 using Tapatalk
  13. SkyMaxx Pro v3 not working under Linux

    I see you don't miss opportunity to offend people using linux. I was just checking the forum to see whether you will fulfill your "promise" about ixeg 737 linux version and came here to read that linux users are pirates (idiots .... don't you have PR specialist in xaviation? or you use the one of D. Tr.?) while windows ones are not ..... let me say again that I am using only products I've paid for, in linux. And if you look for pirated software you will find probably only windows one. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  14. Oh noes! No linux

    Hi Ben, it would be great if you do that. Of course the windows installer won't be such an issue. I was even thinking that a virtual machine windows can be used for that. I use virtualbox win10 frequently for the sake of pfpx, vatspy and fs global real weather and my xplane folder is visible and writable from the virtual machine. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  15. Windows 10 and X-plane

    That was on the tip of my tongue to say ....