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  1. @tkyler When an IXEG update comes out, will I have to download a new installer or will it be updated through the aircraft via XP12? Thank You!
  2. @Cameron Will old buyers receive the discount automatically at the time of purchase or will it be a coupon that we will receive in the email? Thank You!
  3. You already said that there is no way to put 4k in the textures of the Cockpit due to the loss of performance. Could you at least put the textures in PBR like the cabin? Thanks!
  4. any chance of releasing a 4k texture pack in PBR for the cockpit? Thanks.
  5. Will we see cockpit improvements in the 3D model and textures in 4k PBR? Thanks!
  6. In fact, the cockpit is very beautiful, but there is always room for improvement. I will buy it at launch. Thanks!
  7. @Cameron Was the cockpit also redone? Cabin I understand where the crew stays and passengers.
  8. @Cameron Will this cost of 15 dollars only occur at the release of the XP12 version or can you buy it in the store now? Was the cockpit also redone? Cabin I understand where the crew stays and passengers. Thanks!
  9. I do not agree to pay for an upgrade because during the lifetime of XP11 the IXEG 737 was abandoned. Even the doors of the aircraft do not open to this day. If it was a product that had received a lot of updates in the XP11 period I wouldn't bother paying for an XP12 upgrade. The right thing would be to upgrade the 737-300 free of charge and then sell the 400 and 500 versions as DLC. Or raise the value of the 737 package for new buyers with the 400 and 500 variants. I don't want to fight. I just want to demonstrate my point of view. I wish you success.
  10. The IXEG 737 was practically abandoned in X-Plane 11. not even the doors open. not to mention other things. It's not fair to charge for an upgrade to X-Plane 12 as it's pretty much the same simulator with graphical improvements. So far I haven't seen a developer charging for updating their modules.
  11. The upgrade cannot be billed. It has been many years since IXEG has received an update.
  12. Can the TorqueSim CitationJet 525 still be released this year or should we wait until 2023? I'm looking forward to this aircraft. Thanks!
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