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  1. But do not risk freezing my primary computer? All three activations are on the same computer.
  2. I am posting here because the support does not respond to my tickets. I feel very sad about this situation. The message I sent was just below. I hope to have a solution because this aircraft was extremely expensive. Thank you. Hi! I have only one computer. I was enabled the IXEG and it says it has three computers with different name. All are the same computer. Time to activate. He tells me to freeze a computer. If I do this I believe that I will not be able to activate again on my PC because the three activations are referring to the same computer. What do I do? Thank you!
  3. Hello! Any news on the next update of the IXEG? Thank you!
  4. What is the recommended value to use and have the best experience at IXEG? 2 or 10? Thank you all!
  5. I'm use 106 in 21:9 34. Now I do not know if it's realistic. I wanted a vision that a real pilot has in the cabin.
  6. I have no pilot experience but would like to know which real FOV I can use in the IXEG 737? The FOV that a real pilot has in a cockpit. Can someone help me?
  7. Thanks for this update. Does the FMC have no reflection effect on the screen? The STALL WARNING TEST does not work on NO.1 and NO.2. Thanks and I'm looking forward to the next update. Sorry about my English.
  8. Does IXEG already have FMOD and all internal and external textures in PBR? I'm in love with the IXEG 737. For me it's the best airplane in XP11. A curiosity ... How many people work on the IXEG 737 project? Updates are time consuming. Thank you!
  9. I only use the better pushback and x-camera. The rest is all standard. Log.txt
  10. Going to FL370. I noticed some rectangles in the window. This is normal? Thank you!
  11. Aircraft failures on x-plane were enabled. I turned it off. Thank you!
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