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  1. Or use ESET NOD 32 antivirus! Top-notch. Gareth
  2. Igex 737 Xplane 11 APU won't start

    Hey, wouldn't it have been just as easy to offer to help the guy? Perhaps he did a search. For example I've just searched for a solution and haven't found one yet. I was told X-Plane its a really helpful community of enthusiasts. Something for you to shoot for perhaps?
  3. New to X-Plane

    G'day Chris and Ben, thank you for your input. I understand the situation re. X-Pane 11! I tried a ver 9 demo years ago and decided it was too quirky for me. But soon after my original post in trhis forum discovered there's a ver 10 demo, which I then installed. To be sure, X-Plane 10 is impressive in many ways. For the moment though I am trying to get to grips with basic things like controls, views and the 'strange' menu system. Bit like learning a new langauge. So far, love the sloping runways and aerodynamics. Early days though ... Thanks again for all your help guys, Gareth LEAL
  4. New to X-Plane

    Hi Jon, Thanks for your comprehensive and speedy reply. I'll be sure to get back to you if I get stuck! All the best, Gareth
  5. New to X-Plane

    Greetings, I have long history in FS the last 2 yrs being exclusively in P3D. A long-time rw flyer I feel it's high time I explored X-Plane. Sorry, I'm finding the marketing a bit confusing. Can some kind soul advise me on where best way to acquire or buy the programme. And if possible, recommendedadd-ons to get started with. I am English (retired) and living in Spain. Not fluent in Spanish, so I normally order from the UK if they ship to Spain. I prefer downloads. I am confused about Scenery. Is it actually an 'add-on' (as in multiple DVDs)? or does it 'generate its own'? I have seen both advertised. What's the 'Best Of'? What's 'Global'? What's the difference? Where does Aerosoft fit into the picture? No problem, I like Aerosoft but is their offering different to X-Plane 10? An what is X-Plane 11?? I'm keen, any assistance gratefully received. Many thanks, Gareth