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  1. SUAS14

    TBM 900 v1.1.1 Update Released!

    Just getting to grips with this amazing, complex a/c simulation ... not for the fainthearted. At moment seeking to optimise quick and easy access to key controls. In this regard I echo sd-flyer's comment re cursor disappearing over (autopilot) popup. I'm confident a fix will be in the pipeline. Best money I ever spent on an X-plane. Well neck and neck with the Classic 733 anyway :-)
  2. SUAS14

    Throttle Click Spot Issue

    I'm glad I stumbled across this thread, throttle control has been a major source of frustration. I can now control the throttle much better on the ground. Now I recognise the audible click, can move the Saitek X52 throttle forward to capture the graphic, and then back to the stop but i wont then jet me move it backwards into the feather/reverse range. I may be missing the 'lockout'? Is there a click-spot to release that? Thanks in advance!
  3. SUAS14

    iGoDispatch for IXEG's Boeing-733

    'You pays your money and you takes your choice.' I purchased it to speed up the flight-planning process in the IXEG FMC which I have found to be a bottleneck. Maybe I'll use it a lot maybe I won't. Hardly tried it yet. Goodness, it' only cost loose change, and in the end it's only a game. I know a bit about planes. Retired now but did my early training in the RAF in the UK. That wasn't a game of course. I also completed a 10-week CPL course at the College of Air Training in Motueka, New Zealand. Speaking of New Zealand I know of no kiwi airfield NZWW. But, being curious I did find a reference to New Zealand Womans' Weekly. Regards.
  4. SUAS14

    iGoDispatch for IXEG's Boeing-733

    Greetings all. I was delighted to discover the iGoDespatch utility today. Installed it along with the latest IXEG plugin 2.30.6. All appears ok thus far except I can't work out how to map it to Navigraph AIRAC (updated yesterday to 1809/R1.) Could someone kindly put me right? I haven't got around to other fine points such as setting TCP but will once I get the AIRACs to sync. Great looking tool, well done, can't wait to get seriously into it. Regards
  5. SUAS14

    1.21 Gatekeeper Gizmo issue

    Many thanks, good enough for me! Cheers, Gareth
  6. SUAS14

    1.21 Gatekeeper Gizmo issue

    Hi Jan, Indeed, no problem if the IXEG is the first a/c loaded in a given session. Only if I switch from another plane to the IXEG in the same session do I get the anomalies. To be sure, it's a minor irritation but confident you'll solve. In case it helps, my XP 11 / IXEG installation resides on a dedicated SSD immune from potential contamination by lesser programs ;-) Best, Gareth
  7. SUAS14

    1.21 Gatekeeper Gizmo issue

    I steer clear of the betas these days and still use XP 11.11. I don't have click-spot issue, but I do get the same XEG load-up problem: error window showing some lua issue; back of pilots head; scrambled instruments on engine panel. Again, it's fine if it's 1st flight of the day ... So for me the load-up bug remains. It has led me to reinstall the IXEG 3 times, and always appears as 'problem solved' of course, since for testing purposes you go straight to the offending a/c and don't go off for a casual spin in say the Carenado B58/REP. My apologies btw for the use of the term 'offending' in connection with the IXEG. Please do not bar me from the forum ;-) Best, Gareth
  8. For any who might be interested the problem is solved. It was due to corruption in my IXEG install. Automatic reinstalling didn't fix it. I had to manually remove it from my drive and do a clean install. Win 10 may well have caused it. Who knows.
  9. As the attached log explains the UDP network failed to initialise. You will no doubt find other things as well! No second copy of XP was running. I reinstalled the IXEG and it accepted the licence Many thanks for your helpful reply log.docx
  10. Greetings all, this one's for Litjan I guess. I hope! My PC was subjected to a ferocious Win64 update this morning. Too soon to pass judgement on that, but a few issues did appear straightaway with the IXEG B374. Btw, it has run like a Swiss watch until now. 1. the 'clockwork' engine gauges. Overlaps / duplication / distortion in VC panel 2. Not a problem but two 'zombie' pilots <grin> suddenly appeared at the controls. (Never knew it was an option). 3. all auto slide-out panels left of screen inop. I use a freshly installed copy of the IXEG, the latest nVidia driver for GTX 780 3Gb, 24Gb RAM, X-Plane 11.11 r1. Just me, or an update bug? I suspect the latter. Either way, hopeful of a solution. Regards
  11. SUAS14

    QNH setting

    Roger that ...
  12. SUAS14

    QNH setting

    Is there a on panel-short-cut to set QNH at transition level in the IXEG 733? E.g., PMDG 737-800 has it. If not I don't mind in the least btw :-) . Also, is there a way to toggle between scales of measurement e.g. inches/millibars/HPa? Thanks for any info. Gareth
  13. SUAS14

    [FAQ]Solution to freeze and stutter using FMC

    Or use ESET NOD 32 antivirus! Top-notch. Gareth
  14. SUAS14

    Igex 737 Xplane 11 APU won't start

    Hey, wouldn't it have been just as easy to offer to help the guy? Perhaps he did a search. For example I've just searched for a solution and haven't found one yet. I was told X-Plane its a really helpful community of enthusiasts. Something for you to shoot for perhaps?
  15. SUAS14

    New to X-Plane

    G'day Chris and Ben, thank you for your input. I understand the situation re. X-Pane 11! I tried a ver 9 demo years ago and decided it was too quirky for me. But soon after my original post in trhis forum discovered there's a ver 10 demo, which I then installed. To be sure, X-Plane 10 is impressive in many ways. For the moment though I am trying to get to grips with basic things like controls, views and the 'strange' menu system. Bit like learning a new langauge. So far, love the sloping runways and aerodynamics. Early days though ... Thanks again for all your help guys, Gareth LEAL