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    Two approaches and two times it happened to me too.
  3. nicotum

    MU-2 throttle problem.

    Hi @tkyler, could you share with us these info or part of them? I'm fighting with PlaneMaker and the beta range in another aircraft (just for curiosity) mounting 2 PT6A-34. Thank you anyway.
  4. nicotum

    Right Engine won't start

    It happened a few times to me too. What I can say, but I don't know if it can cause this issue, is that every time I had this problem, I started the left engine first. Will try to reproduce the problem.
  5. I've also found that while in reverse mode, the two throttle levers are driven by the left throttle axis.
  6. If you're not able to enter reverse mode, here is what I've found: With conditions levers set to "Taxi" it's forced out of reverse mode (or cannot enter it) Just move the cond.levers up a bit and you'll be able to enter rev.mode. Don't know if these values are directly related, but if you show prop1/prop2 data, 1260 is the threshold. Hope this helps.
  7. nicotum

    Taxi speed on V 1.7

    Hi Jean Claude, you must use beta to taxi. Check this thread.
  8. nicotum

    New GNS 430

    Hi Jarsky, I've no problems with the new 530 and my hardware specs are a bit lower then yours.