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    Slow download speed

    Hi Goran_M, I've just reinstalled 1.4c to see if there's a general problem in Europe for you. I am in the UK, using the BT Open Reach network and the download took two to three minutes. Whilst this isn't maxing out my connection it's fairly normal for these upgrades. Regards BT
  2. boredtechie

    TBM 900 v1.1.4c Update Released!

    This might be related
  3. boredtechie

    loading flight plan

    Hi Ralph, https://x-plane.com/manuals/G1000_Manual.pdf page 89 store, page 90 load. If you're creating them with an external program save the flight plans here .\X-Plane 11\Output\FMS plans Regards
  4. boredtechie


    Just use "Socata" Regards
  5. boredtechie

    MFD keypad alpha numeric issue

    Hi, There may be an issue with the alpha keys being interpreted as numeric on the MFD keypad under certain circumstances. Steps to reproduce 1. Battery on 2. Enter on the MFD 3. Direct button on the MFD key pad 4. If I select "A" for the first digit I get a numeric "1", "B" a numeric "2" and so on up to "I". Once you get to the "J" key you get "A" but after that things get a little less predictable. From what I've seen so far this only seems to affect the first digit of a waypoint. Work around cursor back with the outer FMS knob and overwrite. Regards Reproduced with the TBM 900 v1.1.4b
  6. boredtechie

    At my wits end with TBM900

    Hi YYZ342 It runs fine for me if something breaks I generally know why. I realise this may not be helpful to you but my intent is to give you a little hope to stick with it. I honestly can't say if you're suffering from strange issue from the TBM, parked on a scenery anomaly, being to heavy handed with the reverse range at low speed etc. What I can say is if you can get it ironed out it may just become your favourite addon. Best of luck
  7. boredtechie

    Cabin lights - not working for me

    Hi SUAS14, The access light is my goto when I first get in the plane. Once you've got either the battery or GPU powering the plane you can enable the cabin lights from the over head panel but you will still need to turn them on above each of the passenger seats. With regards to the HUD, it's a little fold up device on top of the glare shield that you should be able to fold up. Regards
  8. boredtechie

    Forum login process is broken

    Hi, As per the title there appears to be something wrong with the forum login process. This issue seems to be affecting others user as well ref: - http://forums.x-pilot.com/forums/topic/15109-login-to-forums/ http://forums.x-pilot.com/forums/topic/15024-password-always-wrong/ Even if you paste the password into the reset password fields then logout and try to log back in again using the same value still in the clipboard it doesn't seem to work. BT