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  1. Smartcopilot

    May I add... merci? [emoji6]
  2. Clouds visible through the fuselage v1.2

    Following my bug report to Laminar, I got a reply from Jennifer, I paste it here. "This is not apparent with default livery so I believe it is a problem with the third party livery being created incorrectly. Thanks, Jennifer Roberts " I don't completely trust what Jennifer said... but @rcmarple would you be so kind to check if your beautiful Thomson G-THOH livery - made for XP10 version - is still compatible with v1.2? You know, it's my preferred livery and I cannot live without. Thnx!!!
  3. These days there are reports of XEnviro servers down causing CTDs so this could be the culprit. (Many many problems with that plugin, they are all talk and no action imho).
  4. Clouds visible through the fuselage v1.2

    Ok thanks, report sent to Laminar.
  5. Had this but it may be a problem of stock XP11 clouds. On v1.2 with a livery made for XP10 version (don't know it matters). If it's not related to IXEG I'll submit a bug report to Laminar. Thnx. Log.txt GizmoLog.txt
  6. XE provides stunning visuals for long range view and many other amenities, but it also shows a number of side effects like winds aloft screwed, weird metars and possible triggers of CTDs with some other addons. That's why I wish the devs of both parties could take a look at what's going on when both of the plugins are enabled. Hope that commercial interests are not avoiding this to happen. [emoji4]
  7. 737 Autopilot question

    Ok now I understand. It's the TOGA mode engaged to trigger the subsequent ap modes.@mfor thanks for your thorough clarification!
  8. Hi, I'm lately struggling to understand how the 737 (NG and Classic) Autopilot behaves just after takeoff and what's the proper procedure to follow to get a smooth transition to flaps UP speed. The scenery is this: MCP SPD set to V2, HDG mode selected to follow rwy heading, A/T armed, both FDs on, TO/GA engaged. 80knts, V1, rotate... For the IXEG I've observed that prior to TRA (throtte reduction altitude) after FMA announcing throttle ARM, if you push the CMD button then FLCH + N1 modes are automatically engaged. Ok, easy, but is that correct? I read that if no vertical or lateral modes are selected, the A/P should maintain attitude and bank angle. PPRuNe source: "When the A/P is engaged and proper mode selection is not made, AP will switch CWS ROLL,CWS PITCH mode and flashing amber CWS PITCH,CWS ROLL announciaitons on FMA will come on and ask you to give proper roll and pitch modes". Link: So the correct sequence would be for example: at TRA push N1 (or it gets automatically engaged), then select one lateral mode (say LNAV), one vertical mode (say FL CH) and last hit CMD. Correct? Maybe @Litjan can help me here. Thanks!! Cris
  9. Ohh.. you're right man! In all that mess I forgot to turn on the anti ice equipment, ... that is the most important thing
  10. Hi, it's default XP11 weather and clouds set to "real world" in options. All the goodness comes from IXEG effects and sounds, but also default XP11 clouds are not that bad.
  11. I want to share this here just for the beauty of the weather windshield effects the IXEG 733 has got. Note: the weather is real, yesterday when I was recording the clip, out of the window it was exactly like that! Raw video, no editing sorry. Cheers! Cris
  12. First official XP11 screenshot

    Don't know if it has been already asked. Will old third party liveries benefit from the XP11 new effects or shall they be redone/updated? Thanks.
  13. [Solved]Objects transparency

    Hi, I've found a weird transparency issue using some liveries like this one (+XP11): Livery link: I don't know if it is related to XP11 compatibility or it is a known issue. Thanks. Cris EDIT: It seems to be the _NML file to cause the transparency.
  14. Navigraph the only option?

    There are no free resources for navdata updates. Aerosoft is the other option and the price is the same. My advice is to buy one year subscription (~30$) so the price per cycle is quite low. Another option to add value to the package is to buy the combo navdata+charts service (Jeppesen/Navigraph or Lido/Aerosoft) and you'll get a discount for the combo. In my view this is money well spent.