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  1. Training Video's

    Good one! Pretty much messed up. The good thing about US routes is that fixes are quite always obtainable from VOR radial interceptions so you can handle most of RNAV routes with VOR/DME only if you like the old school navigation. On the other hand in Europe most fixes are only detectable by gps coordinates so that RNAV equipment is essential to deal with the majority of routes (and maybe that's what they want it to happen).
  2. [Merged] xEnviro

    Well, I did an almost-full range flight with XE 1.07 and luckily I did not encouter any ctd. Maybe their servers are in good shape now or they may have solved the issue eventually. Whatever.. back to SMP now since I want my weather radar, windshield effects and clouds reflections back.
  3. [Merged] xEnviro

    On the. Org it's reported that no more crashes occur with v1.07 and IXEG. I'm going to try myself and report back. Cris
  4. carenado low fps

    I'm also not able to fly the Carenado turboprops together with SMP. FPS get killed below 20s the overload affecting the gpu (whereas normally I'm cpu limited). With all the other aircraft SMP works fine.
  5. Crash while programming FMC

    Did you also put waypoint ALBET after DIKEM M726? I cannot see it in your FP. Second thing you can try is to follow this insertion order: STAR-TRANS-APP-VIA. Maybe this way the FMC does not crash even if it shouldn't in any case. Another point is that you chose a proper combo ALB1X LARE1B ILS X 04R (since LARE1B has VEN NDB as IAF for ILS X APP), but remember that this procedure doesn't allow you to make a straight approach to the runway as, according to charts, you have to go down a racetrack prior to intercept ILS X. Instead I would have chosen ALB1X LARE1C ILS Z 04R which is the straight approach commonly used. The FMC is likely to get messed up with the multiple combinations of stars-apps-via which for this airport also affect the FMCs of other payware aircraft I've used. I ended up thinking that either the navdata are not 100% correct or that they are kind of misinterpreted by the FMC.
  6. Hi, I've noticed that only strobe lights (and of course landing/taxi lights) have ground reflections. I don't know if it's on the todo list or I could have missed that, but it would be nice to have reflections also for beacon and nav lights like default XP11 planes and other payware addon aircraft have (JD to mention one). Just a suggestion and if not too difficult to implement. Thanks for the beautiful plane. Cris
  7. SMP v4.6 shots

    At Heathrow 18:30z with NOAA plugin & SMP v4.6. Scary!
  8. SMP v4.6 shots

    Some pics taken from my stormy morning trip KIAH-KMSY. Really god job with clouds and light effects. And very good fps too.
  9. [FAQ] Stutter/Performance Hit

    I believe the plane is flyable with the microstutters, just during on ground taxiing this is a little bit more noticeable. Devs are working on the issue and I'm sure they will find the way to sort it out.
  10. Clouds visible through the fuselage v1.2

    In few cases did Laminar relpy to my bug reports, likely when the same bug was shared with other users or I don't know when they use to respond. My advice is to insist on sending the reports or to write directly to Ben possibly attaching the link to this post so that all the witnesses about the thing can be brought to his attention.
  11. IXEG 737 changes XP11 sound settings

    IXEG has done this to default sound settings since the first release, and in XP10 too. It's not a bug of the latest v1.2. Ok, it's a bit annoying but not a major bug. The fact is that all the other main 3rd party addon aircraft have their own sound settings independent of and not affecting XP sounds levels. It would be nice if IXEG sounds could work this way too.
  12. Smartcopilot

    May I add... merci? [emoji6]
  13. Clouds visible through the fuselage v1.2

    Following my bug report to Laminar, I got a reply from Jennifer, I paste it here. "This is not apparent with default livery so I believe it is a problem with the third party livery being created incorrectly. Thanks, Jennifer Roberts " I don't completely trust what Jennifer said... but @rcmarple would you be so kind to check if your beautiful Thomson G-THOH livery - made for XP10 version - is still compatible with v1.2? You know, it's my preferred livery and I cannot live without. Thnx!!!
  14. [Merged] xEnviro

    These days there are reports of XEnviro servers down causing CTDs so this could be the culprit. (Many many problems with that plugin, they are all talk and no action imho).
  15. Clouds visible through the fuselage v1.2

    Ok thanks, report sent to Laminar.