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  1. Jan, thank you for a good answer (as usual)!) It was an interesting example from Airbus. If I got you correct a real 737 does allow to change constraints for cruise waypoints. If yes, are you going to get it closer to reality with our model? Once again: I've got not a critical issue with this and I always try to fly the plane with my head. But it is always good if you have a kind of backup solution
  2. May be it sound impolite... But I suggest to youse your mind for it =)
  3. Hello everyone! Is the behaviour shown on the movie reproducable on all machines? If I add entire STAR RIPAM 3L it includes speed constraint at RIPAM. But if I already have a route to RIPAM, then adding STAR I do not have a speed constraint. If I try to add it manually I have an error with loss of functionality of left select key. What is wrong here? Have not noticed it before... Haven't tried it yet, but I see only the way is to plan the route until the point before RIPAM. So the last route point is not the first STAR point. https://youtu.be/8snscVrCUYI
  4. I am afraid it is because of experimental flight model setting. I also noticed that you have to pull much harder now than before... and it is impossible now to maintain the constant pitch rate without sufficient pushing the yoke back to neutral. No idea whether it is closer to reality or not. But it is different.
  5. I also got a problem after installation of v.1.31 with stable GIZMO plugin. At some part of flight all left keys bacame inactive on the flight plan page (found it during departure procedure while were going to perform "direct to" procedure - that means at about 40-50 min of simulation time). No errors from GIZMO were reported. I was able to complete my flight with second CDU. The log-file is attached. But my reply is thather for info then for investigation. The most probably it will gone with aircraft reload. Log.txt
  6. It happens when you ocassionally push the knob. See closer at the video. It is really tricky sometimes to let rotate the knob without pushing it back. But who really uses this knob during operation?
  7. Confirm this. After Cameron's post I reinstalled 737 with GIZMO v20. No popups and displays are blank. XP 11.41. Reverted to stable GIZMO.
  8. I've got it! After your feedback I tried to play a little with other plugins. FInally I have found that my problem is probably a part of "replay" issue. I usually start the plane from "load situation"X-Plane menu. That causes my issue. Normal X-Plane start do not cause any problem. It is not critical for me since we know working solution. You can double check it if you like.
  9. Hello all! One topic from my side. When I use my 737 I always change the points of view, angle of view (as everybody does). But everytime I switch between X-plane window (running X-Plane 1.41 in a full screen mode) and some other windows e.g. X-Pilot, internet browser (no matter which one it is) X-plane switches to a default view (like pressing "W" keyboard button). So I can not come back to the same view after switching between X-plane and other widows. This happens with IXEG model only. Also I have to adjust a field of view via 737 menu vindow every time I opent the model. So,
  10. Are you sure you were fluying in not icy conditions when the problem has occured?
  11. Thanks Litjan! Answers are very precise and clear as usual!
  12. Hello! I have also a question regarding flaps. When I set flaps 1 from 0 I have a pitch down tendency in opposite to other flap settings. I could not see this on other 737 models and could not recognize real behaviour wathcing videos from real flights. How is it going in a real life? Shall flap 1 setting to produce pitch down and sink the aircraft a little? It feels strange for me... And second question is about systems. We have a feature of high negative battery current indication during APU start. But shall it work the same way if ground power supply is connected?
  13. I could also state some numbers taken from Boeing -300/ -400/ -500 FCOM dated 13.02.1998 with latest revision 18.08.2008: Max Taxi weight: 61461 kg - 135500 lb Max Take off weight: 61234 kg - 135000 lb Max Landing weight: 51709 kg - 114000 lb Max Zero fuelweight: 48307 kg - 106500 lb It's different. So you have a choise...
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