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  1. That worked. Thanks. I have been using Catalina for almost a year now. Thanks. Cheers
  2. Hello, just tried to update the 733 and got the error in the screenshot. Can you help me fix it? Cheers X Plane 11 4.11r1 version , on Mac os Catalina
  3. Yes, i am sure. Both of them were in Brazil. It was hot has hell. Cheers
  4. I will post a video if i see that the aircraft is behaving badly. Yes, i do have a few plugins, inc fly with lua.
  5. Thanks, but can also this be the reason to hard bank and abrupt acceleration after AP is off?
  6. Just did 2 flights. One with a full ILS approach, all went well. Great flight. And today i did a short one but with an RNAV approach. Although the aircraft didn´t behave like i described in the beginning of the post, when i press APR the aircraft started banking the opposite direction of the approach runway. So, i think i will not be doing rnav approaches with this aircraft.
  7. I just did a full manual approach into LPPT, no fmc, no ILS approach, just a full manual and all went well. Tomorrow i will do a full flight, with a full ILS approach and let you know the outcome. Both of the flight that failed were RNAV approaches. Thank you for your reply.
  8. Hello fellow pilots, i would like to ask for your help in case you had this issue before. Last few days i made 2 flights with the 737 and the whole flight went well, until i am on approach. When i start deplying my flaps i can see my yoke turning to the left (or right in the first flight). Since the AP is on the aircraft is following its correct path, but when i disconnect it the aircraft start baking like crazy, the throthle is on full power (even if my hardware throthle is on idle), which ends my flight since i cannot control the aircraft anymore and crashed both times. Has anyone had this problem before? Thanks for your help Log.txt
  9. Tried that already. Even uninstalled some plugins. It stays the same. Thank you for the reply
  10. Happy New Year everyone. I have updated my TBM to the latest version, but now i am not able to do anything with the aircraft. I used to fly it with over 20 and sometimes 30fps, now i get 0 or 1 ). I already did a clean installation, but i get the same fps. Has anyone experienced this?
  11. Just saw another topic with users that also have this problem. No need to reply me, i will follow the other topic.
  12. I am also having problems. My G1000 lacks lots of information, also the engine reads are different from latest version. Now torque shoes numbers in the 4 digit area, while it used to be up to 100%.
  13. My mac installer does not work. It´s the first time happens when Hotstart releases updates. Can anyone give advice on how to fix this?
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