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  1. IXEG 737 Wont update to 1.0.7

    I get "warng: 0.696: GUI Read Key Protection Applied." and then it won't download the hot fix
  2. Downloading Hotfix on Laptop when Overseas

    Thanks guys I didn't think there would be an issue but always best to check Steve
  3. As the title states I'm currently working overseas and would like to be able to download the next Hotfix? (expected soon) my IP address has changed as I'm on company Internet so I guess what I'm asking will I be able to download the Hotfix or is it best to wait until I get back home to Canada ? Thanks Steve
  4. Suggestions for IXEG video content

    These Video's along with Jan's Videos should be pinned as both gentlemen are great instructors
  5. Suggestions for IXEG video content

    Nicely done thanks Steve
  6. Heavy Metal - Canadian North

    Brilliant thanks a lot
  7. Canadian Livery Request

    Just Brilliant thank you very much
  8. Canadian Livery Request

    That would be great thanks
  9. Liveries request

    I would love to see the Pacific Western design done that's in the background the airlines no longer exists but great livery
  10. What did you fly today?

    Thanks that was great now too try ....dumber than a bag of hammers but will try thanks
  11. What did you fly today?

    Thanks for your quick response how do you learn to do that , I would love to be able to make my own scenery .
  12. Liveries request

    I would love to see the Candian north design done please
  13. What did you fly today?

    Just out of curiosity where are you getting this scenery from?
  14. IXEG 737 Classic v1.0.1 Has Been Released!

    Ben I down loaded the Hotfix on my Laptop (I assume I can have two copies of IXEG) it downloaded in about 20 seconds.Its the same wireless connection the only thing different was I did it in the morning and all the little heathens are back in school and not tying up all the bandwidth worked great