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  1. [FAQ] Cockpit Reflections

    Okay. Thanks mishaikin. I try it out later. I have the same GPU but OS I have the win10.
  2. New Computer

    okay. Good luck!
  3. New Computer

    And what about the X-Aviation folder in the X-Plane root directory?
  4. [FAQ] Cockpit Reflections

    Yes. No reflections on the instruments. Maybe the wrong viewing angle..??
  5. Why does IXEG affect my sound settings in X-Plane? What is IXEG Team after how and what do I want or do not want in X-Plane loud or quiet ???
  6. Cannot load aircraft

    Excellent. I have also forgotten GizmoLog.txt. Now just wait for someone who's willing to read And/or another option is to submit a ticket to support. support@x-aviation.com
  7. Cannot load aircraft

    Yes. There is a solution. Give enough information. For example. Put here your Log.txt found in the root folder of X-Plane
  8. All displays inop

    Is that it? http://developer.x-plane.com/tools/datarefeditor/
  9. [Merged] xEnviro

    Unfortunately. I have always CTDs when I use IXEG and xE. The time is different, sometime 20min, sometime 1h, but it's every flight/attempt. With the others airplanes without problems. But as my colleague writes above. "Unfortunately, the log files for all plugins and programs are inconclusive as to what is exactly causing CTDs" Win10 Home 64bit, X-Plane 10.51. Regards
  10. New airbuses?

    Yeah. Sophisticated Airbus I would welcome. Maybe JAR Design makes a surprising step forward with systems and etc.
  11. vSpeed callouts for IXEG 733

    Thank you very much. It works perfectly!
  12. Mexico City Xtreme by Taxi2gate MMMX

    OMG!! great news !!! I wish no obstacles to completion. thanks a lot, that you reconsider your plans
  13. SkyMaxx Pro Will not Run

    Yes. First advice. Send your Log.txt on the support or here. Log.txt is located in the root directory of the X-Plane.
  14. Cozumel Island

    Very nice work! I hope now, nothing stands in the way as in the project MMMX. Upon completion of the Cozumel airport. Next will be ....MMMX ......??
  15. We do not need FlyTampa, FlightBeam, FSDT or Taxi2Gate and others what live their dream of eternal FSX / P3D. For Example: JustSim, PilotPlus, Drzewiecki Design and etc,etc. http://store.x-plane.org/LOWI-Innsbruck-Airport_p_510.html http://www.x-plane.uk.com/ http://store.x-plane.org/Drzewiecki-Airports_c_157.html