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  1. Yes sir, thank you. I was looking in the aircraft folder. Now, if that new computer can arrive...
  2. Hi, this is more a question for Cameron I guess. I'll be receiving a new computer during the next week or so and am wondering what the correct procedure to install the 737 V1.2 on it. Should I uninstall the old version on my old computer first (didn't find an uninstaller)? I'll probably reuse the hard drive X-Plane 11 is on, avoiding a re-download of the software. thanks in advance
  3. This is good news! Thank you to the IXEG team and thank you Cameron.
  4. Cool, we have the same yoke. Are you using XPForce or stand-alone mode? Have you been able to tune it for the IXEG?
  5. Honestly, some of the pics Jan posts are difficult to tell from real pics. Impressive.
  6. A short film shot in X-Plane 10 of the arrival runway 22L at John F. Kennedy. Sorry about the poor sound quality.
  7. Thanks Cameron,it works. I was only extracting the .exe from the zip file.
  8. Same problem here. Added GizmoLog GizmoLog.txt
  9. An impressive accomplishment indeed!
  10. I'd also be interested to know if anyone has relevant info on this. I'm wondering if the developers of PFPX will update their TOPCAT profiles to include the Classic. A fantastic trio by all means, PFPX,Topcat and IXEG.
  11. I believe this is correct since roll modes are armed after takeoff. The FD will guide you to follow the heading selected, which should be runway track. Arm LNAV above 400 feet and VNAV once acceleration speed has been reached....i think...
  12. I have attached a pic of the missed approach routing runway 31R at KJFK. Flight plan was KILM ILM ORF J121 SIE KJFK. Arrival into KJFK was CAMRN4. Navdata is latest Navigraph 1606. The hold requires to climb runway heading then left turn to CRI at 2000 then onto COL at 4000 and hold. thanks Michel
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