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  1. The anti ice was off before and it still wouldn't work.
  2. I had very low OAT and the plane began to lose speed and refused to climb further. I was only at FL330 and the opt. cruise level was 350. All anti ices were on and I had pitot heat on. What causes this?
  3. That wingflex looks great. I assume there will be a 3D cockpit as well?
  4. Not sure if this has already been asked about, but the FMC doesn't understand above and below altitude constraints, even when entered manually (e.g. cross a fix below FL250 and above FL200). If it is reading it from a SID or STAR, the FMC defaults to above the higher altitude, which makes no sense. When entered manually, the FMC only shows one of the constraints (not sure if this is realistic behavior). Other question: is there any way to "customize" the turnaround state of the aircraft. Each flight I have to go through a flow to configure the aircraft how I like it to be before doing preflight stuff. (simple things like turning off the fuel pumps, the elec hyd pumps, turning on air conditioning, switching the EHSI to the normal map mode, etc). Also, it would be nice to have the aircraft running on external power for the turnaround state as well.
  5. I finally figured it out. My "TO/GA" button on my hardware TQ was set to command "N1 mode toggle," the custom command. Instead i should use the default toggle TO/GA power command through X-Plane. This fixes all the issues.
  6. It's in the list of things not going to be in v1, I'm pretty sure.
  7. Still, shouldn't autothrottle have given me that N1 value set in the FMC? This must be some sort of bug. EDIT: Also just realized I don't get a roll mode automatically selected on the FD during takeoff roll, so I only have vertical guidance in the TO/GA mode until I press HDG SEL or LNAV
  8. I was taking off from Albuquerque (ABQ) on a hot day. This airport is at about 5000 MSL. I selected TOGA thrust on the runway and subsequently increased my hardware throttle to full power. However, the A/T changed annunciation to THR HOLD without being at full thrust, but instead at about 86% N1. The engines never reached the max thrust rating and there was no assumed temp set either. Also, the takeoff page showed an N1 limit of 91%, which was never achieved. Is this a bug or am I doing something wrong? What is the real world procedure for taking off from high-alt airports in the 737-300?
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