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    So wait, hold the phone. If you tried the demo and didn't like it, why did you purchase the full version?
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    To give you a better view of how it looks (the video suffers from quality due to conversion from 1440x900 to 1280x720) here is an unedited view of the ground on a heavily compressed jpg. Enjoy!
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    This anonymous guy is placing this post both on Org as on COM. Then he should not be surprised to get the same reactions.. Once in a while there is a guy like anonymous human. He just joins this forum to make negative comments on our simulator and will (hopefully) disappear shortly. He is like the guy who joins my table in a restaurant whithout being asked and then starts telling me he hates the food I am having a good time with. Why is a guy like him doing such things ? Needs he a compensation for being neglected by his friends and family? Maybe there is a shrink in our community who can explain this (weird) kind of behaviour. Please doctor tell us where that behaviour comes from? Leen de Jager
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    Sales for the DC-6 might surprise people. Without giving out figures, the DC-3 is selling far better than I thought it would.
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    You can ignore the text files. Simply unzip the zips and place the resulting folders in your Custom Scenery folder. That's it!
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    I am disappointed in X-Plane 10. Read my entire post before giving any premature reply like 'you should have tried the demo'.I did, and what I have observed in X-Plane and Laminar's trend in the recent past goes way beyond the deficiencies called X-Plane 10. It is a shame that as a long time X-Plane user I have to complain about something so basic as missing rivers and major inland bodies of water. X-Plane v9 had no such issues. X-Plane 10 is now a third of the way through its major version run and still lacks basic landscape features THAT WORKED FINE in version 9. I think Laminar truly needs to return to basics and get their act together on this. Paying $70.00 for software that is worse than the version before is plain unacceptable, unfair, and just dirty corporate. I just knew the minute they started making X-Plane into a mobile gaming thing that this is going to waste major time and given that they have finite resources the true desktop application is going to suffer. And suffer it has. Not just major bodies of water are missing, but landscape terrain itself has textures that don't make sense. For example, why are there green textures atop himalayan ranges that are brown in real life and ALSO IN X-PLANE 9? What's more, we are being told that DSF recuts won't be done for the entire version 10 run? They why did you release what clearly is beta quality software? Why not at least give us back the old tiles until you are done wasting time programming explosion like gaming effects into a what was and should remain simulation/modeling software? Clearly, the quality of X-Plane reached it's height in version 9. Why do we have to pay for your software and then we are encouraged to get into development behind it as well? Like being encouraged to correct and feed data into OSM. Please fix X-Plane desktop, stop wasting time on mobile platform and gaming, get back in touch with your roots, or risk being just another simulator that came and went.