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Saab 340A 1.5 Crash

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2 hours ago, DavidV935 said:

To the LES team members on this thread. Your answer(s) worked for me, so I won't get xEnviro until you post the issue has been resolved. My recommendation: Post a pinned item labeled "Issues between xEnviro and LES Saab 340A" or similar wording, explain what you've explained here, and state you will post again whenever the issue is resolved. Then, get rid of this thread so the community doesn't have to wade through all this. When resolved, simply post the date/time of the resolution into that pinned thread and how people should proceed if they own xEnviro. Just a thought...

BTW, while this Saab 340A has been a lot harder to learn than the one I flew in FSX, I love it, and kinda like that it hasn't been so easy. Perverse, I know! ;-)


I'll start off by saying I respect your reply, but I want to outline why your suggestion is not a good idea when viewed from our point of view.

If a new person comes to X-Plane and wants to buy the Saab, and he sees the pinned post, he/she will immediately think "oh, they have issues with it working with XEnviro.  Do they make add ons that DON'T have conflicts??"

We will, in effect, be owning the problem, at the very least, partially, between XEnviro and the Saab, when we shouldn't have to.  We've gone through this with several people when they say  "There is something wrong with the Saab.  It keeps crashing."  Jim and Ben have gone through every single line of code to find any problems.  None were found.

The first question we ask is "Are you running XEnviro?", and the answer is "Yes" 9 times out of 10.  The problem is not with the Saab.  I've worked with Andrey (XEnviro) on this matter, and he initially thought it was the Saab as well.  Until he found out what was causing it in XEnviro.  

MY solution is that Andrey pin a message in HIS forums saying XEnviro will crash due to some problem in XEnviro when run with the Saab, and possibly any other add on.  It's an unfortunate and bit of a tricky situation, but we cannot partially own a problem that we really have no part in.  If we did that, with the amount of 3rd party plug ins available, we would potentially have pinned messages all up and down our forum.  The onus needs to be on the developer of the plug in or add on that is causing the crash.  

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