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  1. @Ben Russell I don't have any special characters in my x-aviation password - just letters and numbers, but I have to re-enter it every time I choose a different airplane.
  2. Cameron... I don't fly every XP every day or multiple times in one day, so can't answer the first part of your question. My last time was last Friday before I posted this thread, and just now it did not ask for my userid and password. But, it happens often enough when I launch XP, select an airplane, then click on Start Flight. I'll try to pay more attention to the details of timing and see if I can make some kind of correlation. I know that kind of answer doesn't help you troubleshoot, sorry.
  3. I bought the LES Saab340 in the spring, and when I launch XP11, it asks for my X-aviation userid and password for the license, but it does not save it for future use. The window pops up no matter which airplane I fly and I can't get rid of it without looking up the email with my X-Aviation userid and password. If I fly the Zibo 737-800, the X-Aviation window pops up. I should not have to enter it so many times. If the developer is monitoring this, this is very annoying.
  4. Fair enough, Goran. I can certainly understand your perspective and agree with it. I've seen posts in other forums about troubles using xEnviro and none were about the Saab.
  5. To the LES team members on this thread. Your answer(s) worked for me, so I won't get xEnviro until you post the issue has been resolved. My recommendation: Post a pinned item labeled "Issues between xEnviro and LES Saab 340A" or similar wording, explain what you've explained here, and state you will post again whenever the issue is resolved. Then, get rid of this thread so the community doesn't have to wade through all this. When resolved, simply post the date/time of the resolution into that pinned thread and how people should proceed if they own xEnviro. Just a thought... BTW, while thi
  6. To find the Nosewheel Steering Toggle, under Keyboard Setting, on the left pane select ALL. Then on the right pane, expand "Flight Controls," and under Flight Controls, expand "Basics." See attached jpgs. Then under Basics, scroll down until you see "Nosewheel steer toggle." It will not have an assigned key, but my jpg shows that I assigned the letter "n" on my keyboard to toggle the tiller on/off. Under LES/CMD/Gear there is also a toggle for "tiller_hyd_on_off."
  7. Just did a few different scenarios with nosewheel steering engaged (tiller pressed down) and with it locked. Image #28 is the plan entered into BetterPushBack both times. The result was the same in both scenarios. During the second scenario with the nosewheel steering locked, after seeing the plane going the same direction as the first scenario, I went to the BPB dropdown and selected "Stop Pushback," at which point the plane was turned 90 degrees left and then came to a stop before hitting the gates from the opposite terminal.
  8. I did notice that, but when I initially engaged the AP and hit CLIMB(H), the airspeed was still in the 150-160 range and gaining.
  9. Didn't see this mentioned in posts from the past few months. After take-off in the LES Saab 340A, I hit gear up, then after 500' AGL, I engage A/P, then click CLIMB(H), then click on NAV. The climb rate oscillates from plus 2000 fpm to minus 2000 fpm or more in either direction. I don't know if I'm going to crash like a lawn dart, or climb like an F-16 and then stall out. It oscillates back and forth and I don't know how to overcome it or stabilize it. It does not happen every time, but often enough to be quite annoying. Is there a tip or trick someone can share? I've only owned this plane for
  10. Goran... To answer your question, I'm going to try it both ways to know if BP behaves differently with nosewheel steering locked or unlocked. I'll try it later today/tonight and post the results back here.
  11. I bought the LES Saab v1.5 about 2 weeks ago and have the same issue of BP going in circles if you plan a turn as part of my pushback. And it never stops, so I've had to Quit XP11 to break out of it. BP doesn't do this with the Zibo or Ultimate B737 or other planes, just the LES Saab so far. Going straight back seems to be the only way to avoid the issue.
  12. I bought X-Plane 11 two months ago and this is my very first CTD. Attached is my log.txt, but the last line is: --=={This application has crashed because of the plugin: [XPLM_PLUGIN_XPLANE]}==-- I have the BetterPushBack plugin and also use Navigraph Charts while flying, so I don't know what that line means, and don't know what I should be careful about in the future. Any insights here would be useful. I have a mediocre machine: i5-4590, 3.30GHz, 16 GB RAM, AMD Radeon R7 360 graphics card with 2GB. While my graphics and CPU settings are medium to high, I routinely get "setting too h
  13. I read this thread because I purchased the Saab 340A a couple days ago and could not figure out how to turn the knobs that depict two turning arrows at the same time. I do not have a 4K monitor, but I can't seem to rotate the panel light knobs for night flights or several other knobs and I'm sure there is some trick to it as I watched a YouTube video and it worked fine for that person. The manuals do not mention how to do this. I hope the mousewheel rotation will be implemented as it seems to be the most intuitive way to rotate any knob.
  14. I bought X-Plane 11 two months ago and just bought the SF340 today and went through the included pdfs for Quick Start, Intro & Settings, Flight Tutorial, and Systems. I have a medium level computer that I use for work with an attached Thrustmaster HOTAS joystick. None of instructional pdfs make any mention of the Steering Tiller. The steering tiller is not modeled in FSX planes. When I tried to taxi after following the Quick Start procedures, the plane went straight forward. After multiple attempts, I was cursing this plane! To LES or X-Aviation staff: Please update and modify those instr
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