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iGoDispatch for IXEG's Boeing-733

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I am sorry about this inconvenience.

If your concern is to use the METAR reports for calculating the proper air distance and, thus, fuel, flight time, etc., I suggest that you enter your departure and destination airports, select the SID and the STAR, then go to the Winds Aloft panel and download the NOAA winds data. The wind direction and speed will be interpolated from the four closest coordinates at the altitude of 10,000 ft. The disadvantage is that the actual wind data in the airport will be different from that at 10,000 ft. Not very helpful for the take-off and landing but good enough for fuel planning and other calculations.

If you need to see the actual METAR report, it may be downloaded from other sites, such as this. Of course, provided that these sites are not blocked either.

Hopefully, these difficulties are temporary and will be over when Ablyazov no longer broadcasts his videos. ;)


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Please note that NOAA has migrated all its traffic to HTTPS. Because of that, the application (both desktop and iOS) cannot download the NOAA winds aloft data at the moment. I am aware of the situation and will fix it as soon as possible. It may take longer for the desktop application as there are more features that have already been added in the next update and they need to be tested. Please bear with me and use the X-Plane winds aloft for now.


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The new update is available now. In addition to fixing the issue with NOAA winds aloft data, some adjustments to fuel calculation, and the ability to print a pdf document with flight information, I have also added a new tab with Pre-flight procedures. I know, there are other wonderful checklist plugins available, but I started working on this option a while ago and I myself needed it for getting prepared for my flights. Please refer to the manual for more information.

A new version of the iGoConnect plugin (v. 2.40.26) is required for this update!!



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