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  1. I already have the program and so far can not get the program to work with 1.3. JeffG
  2. Jan, I took out XPUIPC from resources but did not take it out of the log. I did that and now the throttles work. Thanks A lot JeffG
  3. Reinstalled IXEG 737 and made sure before installing there was nothing in the sub directories. The throttles still will not move, every other aircraft I have the throttles work. Any more clues? JeffG Log.txt
  4. I still can not get the throttles to work. I uninstalled and took XPUIPC off the system and now will reinstall new copy of software and see what happens. JeffG
  5. I just reinstalled the 737 and everything looks great and everything is working except the throttles do not move. I am in X-Plane 11 latest beta and Vulcan on. I went into xplane settings and recalibrated my Extreme 3D pro joystick and the throttles still do not work. I tried other aircraft and have no issues with the throttles. Any ideas? JeffG
  6. Thank you Cameron, just making sure I have the right version. JeffG
  7. I have reinstalled again with the X-Plane 11 checked stable version used. This is the version that shows in the files. Jeffg
  8. I just reinstalled the 737 and under version says 1.1, should it say 1.3? Jeffg
  9. Have the bugs been sorted out and close for release? Jeffg
  10. No problem Cameron, Will just wait till we hear from you. JeffG
  11. I bought the Saab 340 and now getting into reading the manuals. The aircraft looks very nice. When I flew students into KEYW I see Silver Airlines in there with their 340's and they look great. JeffG
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