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Found 10 results

  1. Cant get anything above 10fps and I lowered my settings and everything still not getting above 20fps.With the zibo and anyother a/c I get 25-30 fps.
  2. Is there any way to change aircraft traffic draw distance? I searched for a dataref to change this using Lua, but couldn't find any. The closest I got was with sim/graphics/settings/draw_aircrafts, but LUA stopped working when I tried to change it, apparently because it's no longer supported (versions 660-799) I'm currently using xPilot for traffic and ATC, and was hoping to find some option within it to change traffic rendering distance such as in vPilot for P3D, but couldn't find any. In vPilot I'm able to change things such as maximum number of aircraft and maximum traffic draw distance Any help would be much appreciated Thanks in advance!
  3. Hello everyone, I have been using SkyMAXX Pro for quiet some time now and I have a very weird problem. When I start up my X-Plane 10.5 everything is working fine for a few hours. But after some time my FPS drop from 40-50 to around 20. Now things get weird: There are a few "fixes" that make me wonder what the actual problem is. What I do is: 1) Close one or more programms that run in the background. Sometimes it is enough to close one, sometimes I have to close almost all of my programms except X-Plane. There are times where it is enough to just close Firefox, or Spotify, or Plan-G.. sometimes I need to shut down all of them. 2) The second way of getting my FPS instantly back to 40-50 is by changing the Cloud/Terrain Blend Softness in SkyMAXX. I do not even necessarily have to lower the value, I can just change it from 0 to 6. Next thing is: as soon as these problems start, they get more frequent. While it takes maybe 5 hours from first X-Plane startup to first FPS drop, it takes only about 30 minutes afterwards. I even tested it up to 8 hours, and FPS dropped a few minutes after doing one of the two fixes I mentioned above. I tested the simulator without SkyMAXX and with running several background programms for up to 8 hours as well, and there was no FPS drop. I am really really confused. :-/ System Specs are: Intel Core i7-4790K GPU @ 4 GHz 16 GB Ram Nvidia GTX 1070 I am pretty sure that my SkyMAXX settings don't matter anymore, since I have tried several options. Nontheless here is what I am currently using: Thank you for reading and I would appreciate any help!
  4. Disclaimer: This is under XP11 RC2 and I know the Ixeg 737 is not yet officially supported in that environment, which may be the reason I am having the issue below. I've experienced a few times now and consistently a major frame rate issue only in the IXEG plane when I start placing altitude or speed constraints on legs in the FMC after reaching cruising altitude. I do this fairly often to comply with ATC vectors or flight levels which may deviate from the default approach initially programmed into the FMC on the ground. Taking a simple example, a flight from Salt Lake to Denver. Here's the coroute: KSLC CHE DIRECT FRNCH DIRECT BOENG KDEN During pre-flight, I add the departure SID from KSLC for runway 16R, and add the arrival STAR at KDEN for 16R as well (via TOMS/KAILE3). In this case, approaching TOMS from FRNCH and being directed to FL210, I set an altitude constraint on the waypoint via the entry of /210 on BOENG. The moment the constraint is displayed, my FPS totally tanks from 35-40 to 4-8 almost immediately. The buttons on the FMC become unresponsive the moment the entry is input, and it takes it a very long time (30 seconds or more) to execute (even for the light on the button to come up). The cursor on the EXEC button takes several seconds to change to the hand. Clearly, something's happening as the whole simulation is now a slideshow. What's very odd is when I look at my CPU and GPU graph is my CPU utilization falls to about 10% and my GPU utilization falls to 6%. It looks like nothing is happening at all and I have plenty of horsepower completely unused (which explains the FPS) but not why. Normally I see 100% utilization on the XP thread, and between 60% to 99% utilization on the GPU for a FPS at my QHD resolution of about 35-45. This happens in an outside view or inside view and I've now duplicated this with either an altitude constraint on any waypoint, or a speed constraint, or both, when apply to any portion of the flight plan, when in the air. Works fine on the ground (as far as I can tell) - so changing that before a flight is not causing the issue. Only in-flight. I saw a post on antivirus software having to be disabled on the XP folder (which as an IT professional I find very strange as in this day and age, security should never be relaxed to fix a software or performance issue because of the risks it entails) but this had to do with adding or changing waypoints - which I'm not doing here - I'm only placing a constraint which only impacts the VNAV component. I haven't tried disabling A/V on XP but will (very reluctantly). I've also been able to reproduce on other flight plans and the performance issue is almost instant when a speed or vertical constraint is added in flight on any existing waypoint although I've only attempted to set speed and altitude constraints on the approach, so slower speed or lower altitudes. This may be just my setup, the fact I'm running this plane in XP11 RC2, but it's done that before the RC2 update and I've been able to reproduce consistently to the point I now stay away from any VNAV changes and just don't use VNAV for approach descent control. There's nothing I can do when the FMC starts to act up until I quit the flight. Restarting the flight returns the normal FPS. Hopefully one of the gurus here can help me explain what I'm doing wrong. My addons are X-Enviro and World Traffic, I also have flywithLua and xassign, and ezpushback. Disabling those does not fix the issue (looks to be completely unrelated). I also have the EADT 738 and the add-on FMC for that and it doesn't cause that issue, only the IXEG FMC so far. Running Windows 10 x64, 16Gb memory @3.2GHz, Ryzen 1800X @4GHz, and a 1080 TI 11Gb card with a slight overclock, current Nvidia drivers, current WIndows patches and current XP RC2 as published on Steam. Thanks!
  5. Good Day: On last saturday I purchased the Ixeg B733 and when flying on the cruise phase the simulator behaves not normal. I experience FPS drops from 30 to 6. I have disable all plugins, then I flown with other aircraft with the usual plugins running and the flight was smooth and normal. I also have SMP and RWC both of them work perfect with any aircraft except with B733 as I mentioned before. Any ideas? I have checked the log but nothing un usual shows up on this file. Thanks in advance Log.txt
  6. Good day: I have x-plane 10.45. whe sim starts; everything is fine (27FPS) but after about 15 minutes FPS drops suddenly to 8FPS. this performance occurs in X-plane only. I have other demanding games like GTA V and does not behave like this. any ideas??
  7. Yes... The new update of SMP is letterally destroing my system. I used to fly the IXEG 733 in EDDF with good settings at 60-80 fps... Now I'm fighting to be at least over 35... That's weird. Don't tell me "cut down on rendering opions" because I already did it. My system: 16 gb DDR3 1600 MHz GTX 750Ti H97 plus motherboard SSD 250 gb and Samsung HD 1TB i5-4460
  8. Hi guys, I wonder if anyone has experienced the same thing: When I start up X-Plane, I'm getting about 40 fps. If I open up the weather menu and close it immediatly without any change, I'm getting 50 fps. Plugins are disabled and this is reproduceable on my Win7 computer. Does anyone have that issue? Thanks, Olli
  9. Hello, since I updated to Windows 10 I have some weird FPS issues. When I load a Aircraft than I get around 35 FPS (in EDDB) after I did a little Testflight around EDDB and landed again at EDDB my FPS were gone. I changed nothing in the Rendering Options. Both screenshots were taken at the same airport. My setup: i7 4770k @ 4.3 Ghz, Gtx 980, 8gb Ram
  10. Hello, I am facing the following really strange behavior. I set X-Plane to full screen mode and performance is rather poor (at ~20fps). I set X-Plane to Windowed mode, with the window maximized. The performance is exactly the same. Fianlly, I reduce just a notch the size of the window (so that the borders of the window are visible). The performance is boosted in a big way to 45fps - without altering any other rendering settings. I cannot understand this. I read somewhere that even at full screen, X-Plane is running in windowed mode from a drivers perspective, with the window decorations hidden. This would explain why in full screen mode and in maximized window the performance is the same. However, why is there such a huge performance gain with the window decorations shown, but a tiny change in the window size? My configuration is: CPU: i7 4770k GPU: NVidia GTX770 RAM: 16GB Below are some screenshots: Window with border: Window Maximized: Full screen: Thanks
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