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  1. Yes it must be optimizied, but it’s a very good start
  2. I would be really happy if you could write this in other forums...
  3. I hope some day someone will explain how this things happens.
  4. I imagined a delay for some zones of the world, but it's not a big deal. it's not even a trouble since I don't usually fly at 1 AM
  5. Are you going to provide a discount code for SMP or Maxx-FX or other products ownersv?
  6. Once again, at what time will it be available? i mean UTC
  7. Nothing to say, except I will buy it tomorrow and review on my blog. Do you know at what time it will be out in Italy? Thanks, Tommaso
  8. Great feedback Jan! Good work (and Holidays :P)
  9. Yes this is a must, you're right. It can't miss in the next update.
  10. Hi IXEG team! I'm sure you're already talking aboiut the HOLD feature. I really hope to see it in the next version as this would complete the awesome work on the fmc. Thanks! Tommaso
  11. Hi all, I am using Mobiflight to interface an Arduino Card to IXEG. The problem is that Mobigflight (or better, XPUIPC) does not care about datarefs, but i need to set the Offset code of the dataref like 0x00c. Anyone knows how to set/find custom offset codes? Thanks in advance, tolix
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