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    X-Aviation Gets A New Look

    I like the new fresh look. Is there any chance you can get the Login to work with the Opera browser? Once I enter my creds nothing happens. No error message and no indication that I am logged in. (note: seems like the x-pilot site works with Opera but not the X-Aviation site). Firefox works fine but I personally prefer Opera. Thanks for the great support over the years!
  2. Brunner suggests the trim mod specifically for the TBM?
  3. By any chance are you using 3 displays? I crash when using 3 screens after loading aircraft. All is ok when I switch to a single screen. Prior to this last update my previous version was perfect. Toto is aware of my situation. I've shared quite a few logs with him this afternoon. The second afternoon update has introduced my crashing, morning update was not crashing. For what it's worth Toto suggested removing all plugins except for Gizmo, crashing still continues for me.
  4. including a log.txt file might provide some clues for someone to help you. thank you
  5. ok just reset to 2 screens and reloaded the aircraft. Sidebar appears for me.
  6. Sidebar appears on my 3 monitor setup. I'm not using windowed mode, just the normal defaults within XP for 3 screens. I'm also using 11.26r2 with Windows 10 (Nvidia 1080)
  7. That fix may come too but not sure if it’s ready yet. If it’s not in the next update it’s on the list to be corrected soon based on what I heard.
  8. yes the green colors on the G1000 been reported. the fix is coming VERY soon. It sounds like the team is working on a few more fixes so hang in there. I'm seeing similar issues as well. You are not alone.
  9. the fix for green flashing is just around the corner. Hang in there ;-)
  10. Robert I'm curious to know are you using one monitor or three? - Mike
  11. Since you are running with 3 monitors are the G1000 displays a normal color. i.e. the PFD display is blue for the sky and brown for the earth? In my case all 3 Garmin’s are a light green color and the MFD flickers and has a patch of blue with what appears to be part of the top of the synthetic vision screen. I've added an example of what I see when I use a single screen vs enabling 3 screens . btw clicking on the USB ports will make the iPad appear on your yoke. The top screenshot is when using a single monitor. The other picture is when 3 monitors are used.
  12. I’m not having issues with a single screen. What I’m running into is specific to a 3 screen setup. Thanks for the reply.
  13. Any chance you’re using 3 monitors? Just curious.
  14. Do you also experience a green color on all G1000 displays? Do you see the MFD flicker soon after all the auto systems finish testing? Does the iPad appear normal when you use 3 monitors? Just curious.
  15. Disabling heat blur and the rain/ice effect may minimize what weirdness appears although doesn’t correct all multiple screen issues.
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