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  1. Thanks Ben...that did the trick. Now the tool tray shows up on the main monitor as you can see from the pictures below. The fourth monitor is used for the RealSimgear GPS. Goran_M...The resolution of the three main monitors is 1680x1050 and 1280x720, which is recommended for the GPS. Thanks for you help gentlemen, it's very appreciated. Now I have to learn how to takeoff with this bird.
  2. Well, it looks like the only solution for me to fly the SAAB is to buy the Carenado version. This one will just keep accumulating dust in my hangar. What a pity.
  3. Yes it does have a sound card. The sound bar was disconnected when I unplugged the monitors because it was connected to one of them. I'm using my headset right now and it doesn't fix the issue either....and thanks for trying to help...it's much appreciated. Log.txt
  4. Thanks Goran...here's what I've done, 1-From the setting menu of XP...I set it up for one monitor...didn't work. 2-I disconnected all the monitors except the main one...didn't work either. 3- Uninstalled and reinstalled the aircraft...no success. Keep in mind that I turned off my PC and turned it back on between each operation and not only restarted it. I include the last log.txt file...just in case it would help Thanks Log.txt
  5. I just bought this aircraft and I can't make the tool tray to pop up. I use a 4 monitors setup and no matter which screen I move my cursor on, The tool tray won't pop up. I tried to move my cursor on the right side of each of them with no success. Is there another way to make this tool to pop up? Thank you!
  6. Full screen mode. I don't have the option to use window mode. Here's my setting...
  7. So, I guess you guys will come up with another update soon? I will park this aircraft until you do so. Flying with one screen is no option for me. Thank you for your great support and this beautiful aircraft.
  8. I tried reinstalling my GPU driver and removing all plugins except the Gizmo one. That was not any better. Still crashing. And yes, I use three displays. I just tried with a single monitor and it worked. Thanks for the info.
  9. I downloaded the last update v1.1.6 (from the second email) and I experienced a CTD after loading the aircraft. I then uninstalled the whole thing using the uninstaller and reinstalled it again. Same issue. Here's the log files... TBM900_Log.txt Log.txt
  10. I totally agree...not to mention X-Trident
  11. Any chances for helicopters?
  12. I have this issue since the very first release.
  13. I have the same issue since the very first release of the aircraft. I use three monitors with three different viewpoints (in full screen). I tried removing all plugins except Gizmo of course with no success. No Saitek products connected either. If I revert to one monitor with 5040 x 1050 viewpoint...I get a normal MFD. I hate the stretching effect that it creates though. However, after downloading 11.30...all my issues disappeared . I can now fly this awesome aircraft with my three monitors with three viewpoints perfectly. And that, with all the same plugins and my Saitek radio and switch panel connected. Cheers!
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