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  1. Your seat position is still too low. Look at the two balls on the right side of the eye height tool, they should be completely superimposed, not offset like they are.
  2. There’s nothing on the CAS to tell you which non-passenger door is open.
  3. I’m running Win 11 (dev channel) and have had no issues with the 650. For the most part it seems more GUI change than underlying operating system change.
  4. It’s probably trying to fetch what you put in. Aviation weather doesn’t accept the numeric either, you have to put in the K by hand. Works: https://aviationweather.gov/metar/data?ids=K6a2&format=raw&date=&hours=0 Doesn’t: https://aviationweather.gov/metar/data?ids=6a2&format=raw&date=&hours=0
  5. Nevermind.. It’s a cute feature of the real FMS that it’ll determine the lat/long where 2 airways meet and create a user waypoint. Not as easy in the stuff I’ve flown.
  6. Curious, any breakers popped? Especially in the panel down by the captains feet?
  7. Before this one gets locked, @Pils can I put in an RFE for the installer to give you a “try again” or “cancel” option on “can’t read file”? Theoretically one could get around this by manually placing the gizmo file (for example) into the x-plane directory and “retry” proceeding to install it rather than just giving up and exiting to desktop. FWIW
  8. They’re trying to read a file called TPP-Metafile.xml, which is likely an index of links to the actual procedures (idk how the FAA API works, just an old pilot who’s now a network/firewall jockey) - as long as the index can’t be fetched, none of the files that index references can be fetched, if ya know what I mean. Logical that it’s the issue from the report and evidence, educated speculation without knowing exactly how it works. I’m thinking the 2112 in the original URL is probably a reference to the cycle and now that we are on 2201 it broke.
  9. U.S. AIM 4-1-20 paragraph 3 says the same thing, “on“ before surface movement.
  10. The chart might exist, but the FAA index link it’s trying to get to doesn’t - 404 Not Found is a server side error code for “you asked for a page I don’t have”..
  11. Did you cycle the databases in the index/status page?
  12. Did it go back down after you leveled off in cruise? Could be resistive capacitance fuel sensors getting confused with the aircraft pitched up thinking there’s more gas in the tank than there is.
  13. In neither of those screenshots is the AP showing engaged in the FMA
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