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  1. In the future I’ll update videos as mp4. Btw .mov files do work on iPhones or iPads. If you still need it as mp4 let me know and I’ll convert it.
  2. I had a similar problem in the CL-650. Turning up the panel lights helped. Of course that won’t help if you don’t have power on the airplane as shown in your second photo. I wonder if shadows are responsible. Have you tried repositioning the plane where the cockpit would get more sunlight exposure?
  3. I'm trying to create an intersection of two airways in the FMS. It works if there is a named intersection where the two airways meet but not where there is not. I've attached a video of how it works in the plane. When I try and do this in the sim I get "Intersection not found" (presumedly because there is no named intersection where the two airways meet). Thanks! IMG_1162.MOV
  4. My understanding is that the Autothrottle system is tested using the lamp test. In the real plane when you select the lamp test "ATS SELFTEST" is supposed to scroll across both MSD displays. I don't see this in the sim.
  5. Ok Thanks for the prompt reply!
  6. I want to change the fuel on board using the weight and balance option under the Flight menu. I can change it but it does not change the fuel displayed after I click “Apply Changes”. I’m running the latest version on a MacBook Pro.
    I too am having difficulty entering the N number. Only the QS is displayed. Can you explain "entering the aircraft from the FO"? I have tried updating the call sign on the tune page in the FMS but no luck. Ive tried "EJAxxx" "NxxxQS" and "Nxxx". Resolved. It uses the registration that is in the airframe state. It only works in “career” mode since “cold and dark” mode does not reference the airframe state.
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