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  1. Any thoughts on this from anyone? I'm unable to use the aircraft now as I can never get past boarding.
  2. Hi- as in the title, the sim consistently CTDs when passengers board. Any help please? Didn't happen prior to installing 1.6.1. Log attached. Log.txt
  3. Solved! I put the ultrawide into windowed mode and all appeared to come good.
  4. yes that's what I've done. The dialogue boxes still don't appear on the ultrawide. Is there a setting in prefs that tells the dialogue box where it should be?
  5. yes I am now using this for X Plane. I have an eGPU and am getting better frame rates by not using the main monitor
  6. I've just changed to an ultrawide monitor and now can't see the dialogue windows (eg refueller) or the ground service status. They were popping up before when I was on my main iMac window. Is there anything I should change to make this work? Thanks
  7. Thanks for this but please can you give me a little more info on how N1 target mode is selected?
  8. During climb, ATS fails and I can’t re engage it. Have tried TOGA/ auto throttle disconnect etc but nothing works. Any suggestions please?
  9. As reported in a post that's seen nearly 800 views and has now been locked, we await a fix. It would appear that the majority of the C650s that have been purchased and had this update attempted are now unflyable.
  10. Is there any documentation for this? If I try and go transatlantic with the CL60 Simbrief profile, it tells me I don't have the range.
  11. Thanks yes, Navigraph wasn't updating the database correctly but that's fixed now.
  12. Thanks. Yes- the other option is even older (2018). I can't see anything offering me 2022.
  13. The FMS tells me that my database is from Feb 2020 but the database I have in X Plane is right up to date. Have I missed a step in getting the up to date database recognised?
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