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  1. I think they had a freeware version of this out without the 3d cockpit etc and then it went payware after version 2.0 no? In fact I'm pretty sure I have it in a cargo and passenger variant.
  2. You can intercept the localiser by flying toward it at an angle of around 30 degrees with the frequency for the ILS set on the nav radio and the loc button depressed. When your aircraft reaches that point (assuming it is on autopilot) it will start to turn onto the runway heading and the loc button will turn from armed to active (it might be indicated by a yellow light turning to green). At this point or before hand you can arm the glideslope by pressing the GS button. When the plan crosses the glideslope (where that slope crosses your altitude) the GS will become active (yellow to green light
  3. Most small planes do not have an 'autoland' feature and the autopilot should be disengaged before flare and touchdown. Usually this would be performed at least 100 ft above the ground I would think.
  4. Never had any problems with X-Plane on Yosemite.
  5. Will it be ready for Christmas??? Seriously though, this looks great! I wonder if there will be a procedures manual that comes with the aircraft so that we can refer as to what to do in each situation? Andy
  6. Yeah cool! Even some little shrub type bushes or something would make it more authentic for low level flights.
  7. Looks cool thanks! Maybe you could make some custom or edited trees / forest files to match the colour to add to the illusion? I'm not sure how easy or feasible that is though. Andy
  8. I took a gamble and bought this. Found the FPS was excellent, nowhere close to the horror show that Aerosofts Amsterdam file created.
  9. Trainfever looks quite cool. Is it anywhere near as good as transport tycoon deluxe was though? I've been disappointed with every rail/transport game since then...
  10. Decided to take a gamble and buy this as a treat for myself. Happy to report that the FPS are no where close to as bad as EHAM. EHAM has me down to about 12-15 FPS, Dublin is running at a good 25-30 FPS. Not installed static aircraft though.
  11. Wow 15 fps is pretty shocking. X-plane slows down at lower than about 20 fps. 15 might be OK for taxing but when it slows down that low on final approach as it does at EHAM there is just no point IMO. Any other reports on fps at Aerosoft EIDW? I'd love to have the airport but no point if I end up not using it like EHAM.
  12. How does it do on frame rate? Aerosoft EHAM killed mine. Unusable.
  13. Thanks Andras, I am able to upgrade the ram so I will consider that if I start running into this problem again. Andy
  14. OK so I've been working away moving scenery around etc. I've no idea what's changed but I've just managed three successful loads in a row. The last steps I did were remove three large OSM files from the custom scenery + the scenery_packs.ini file. This resulted in it starting. I then replaced, one by one, each osm file, restarting each time. Finally I replaced the original scenery_packs.ini It seems to work for now... Andy
  15. Thanks for suggestion Ben, Have tried with and without XSqauwkBox and it doesn't seem to make much difference. I can see the logic in that argument though as it is the ATC where it freezes. Andy
  16. Hi alpilotx, Sorry some of those were in wrong order. Do try to keep the packs in order but they sometimes end up in a mess. My thought is that surely it's not actually loading every single scenery before I've even selected a starting location? That would seem like a wasteful thing to do. Andy
  17. OK so removing all of the custom scenery seems to make it work again. Is this going to be a memory issue or is there a clash with a particular scenery or plugin used by a scenery? Bear in mind that I have had all plugins and scenery running plus skymaxx at least a couple of times, but only for the first opening and not on subsequent openings of the program. Cheers Andy
  18. Hello, I've tried removing scenery_pack file and newest scenery packs but still gets stuck. I've removed silverlinings and turned off AI aircraft off and then re-added silverlinings and it is stuck at same place. Specs: 3.4 GHz Intel Core i7 8 GB 1333 MHz DDR3 AMD Radeon HD 6970M 2048 MB OS X 10.9.4 Log.txt Cheers guys! Andy
  19. So following on from steps above I re-removed 'xgs' and it worked again once. Then on second launch it was stuck. Not got it running again yet. I've tried removing all the other plugins and it still get's stuck. If I remove silverlinings it works again. Not a complaint by the way just trying to help identify and solve problem. Andy
  20. OK something a bit strange is going on. It wouldn't start again for several attempts with the same pause at: will init ATC I tried taking more plugins out. No joy. I then randomly replaced all the plugins including 'xgs' and to my surprise it loaded, once. Now it is stuck on will init ATC again. Some strange thing occurring randomly but not on every start up? Andy
  21. That's not a problem John. I'm always up for helping solve a problem if I can. I think I've cracked it. Seems to be a plugin called 'xgs' which I believe is the 'landing speed plugin' here http://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?app=downloads&showfile=7995 Andy
  22. Sure thing. I'll try removing different ones and report back.
  23. Hello John, I seem to be having an issue when SilverLining is in the plugins. X-plane gets stuck when loading at: will init ATC Seems to work fine when SilverLinings removed. I'm on Mac OS. Ironically SMP 2.0 worked when I used it last night. Looks excellent. I can't remember if that was pre-beta 8 upgrade I did yesterday (I had been on beta 7) or not. I've tried uninstall and reinstall. Does SMP make a preference file which perhaps I need to try removing manually? Cheers Andy
  24. UAL 757 holding at TARTN on approach to EGPH from KEWR Wind-farm visible below
  25. Cool! But something very weird going on with the sky from inside cockpit view?
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