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  1. The main reason is because my computer specs are not enough to fly X-Plane 11 in the same conditions that I fly X-Plane 10. Another reason is that I have some addons I cannot fly in X-plane 11 and I don't want buy that addons again.
  2. Still a lot of people flying X-Plane 10...
  3. But if the 340A is a finished add-on without bugs, why not sell it like for example IXEG or AirFoilLabs? they sell then 10 and 11 version in the same pack... Just my opinion.
  4. Hi, I am going to buy the Saab 340A, but I see "Requirements: X-Plane 11 Only". Isn't it available for X-Plane 10? Thank you
  5. Is planned to release a boxed version of the IXEG 737? Regards
  6. Hi, are you going to release a boxed version? Regards
  7. RELEASED!!! thank you very much!!!
  8. Hi all. Since I have changed from OS X to Windows 8 I cannot fly X-Plane because the joystick (Saitek Cessna Yoke) doesn't work (Saitek Rudder Pedals and Saitek Pro Flight Throttle Quadrant) works fine (Throttle from 4 to 6). I have read it is a known problem in Windows 8, but I cannot find a fix for X-Plane (yes for FS). Any advice?
  9. Thanks for your answer mtaxp. I installed the hot fixes when I installed the scenery. Anyway if you are working in a new version of Ben Gurion maybe it is not necessary work in the old version...
  10. Despite that errors the scenery works fine, the problem (for me) are that buildings in the fingers that I am almost sure are some kind of autogen, therefore I mention that maybe adding exclusion areas the problem will end... Thanks
  11. The Log.txt and the scenery_packs.ini Log.txt
  12. I know and I will try, but I have not internet connection from that iMac now. I will copy the Log.txt to a pen drive and I will post it here...
  13. Installed Ben Gurion in my iMac and I have two small problems. I think that adding exclusion areas to the airport they will disappear... The Log.txt report has some errors like: "Could not find tile 48 name is close-frame (in sign '{@Y}{..."
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