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  1. That's because with 3d on aircraft and higher setting, shadows change depending on the time , so it depends on the sun angle. Change the time (use Shift+L/K) and you will see how colors get brighter/darker while time is changing.
  2. Main focus in on RLI08W and LLBG V2.1. RLI08W will cover more parts , espicially "Hasharon" area , it'll cover about a half way to haifa. What you see is what we covered so far , it'll take a while to cover more parts espicially in those days while real life is kinda busy..
  3. mtaxp


    First of all , I like V3.1 , the landing lights illuminating the clouds is something I eagerly wanted , really cool! But there is a thing I didn't like though , this happens only when using the new overcast layer presented in V3.0. It looks like the visibilty decrease and the positin of the clouds tops aren't synchronized. When flying above (or under) , this layer , it looks just beautiful and I have this feeling of "can't wait to fly through those clouds" , however a second later , sunddenly everything is gray: The second shot is maybe 1 foot lower than the first , what I claim is I think the change in the visibility happens too fast (although already somewhat gradual now , but still too fast) , and you can see in the second shot that I didn't actually reach the clouds tops yet. This thing kills the feeling I mentioned above. I would like to actually reach the clouds tops , "touch and feel" them and then visibilty should start decreasing gradually :-)
  4. alive and kickin' indeed.. Here in Israel you can see many of them in spring and summer months , as those are the months that people travel usually , some companies like blue bird , blue air , air bucharest , nordavia , tailwind. And some more known companies like LOT , UIA , Enter air.. The Israel Aerospace Industries has there own 737CL And It's expected that more smaller companies will come to here in the next few years , now necessarily operates 737CL but I can imagine some of them are , as those smaller companies usually opeartes those older planes. So I guess we will host many Classics in the next few years :-) Edit: And how could I forget this one (Although Cargo)
  5. mtaxp


    Well I hope this will change soon , while Xplane's water is OK and I really love it in some situations , real 3D water will be perfect for airports like KSFO.
  6. More please :-) Just a thing that I think should be improved , clouds needs to be brighter in the last shot..
  7. Yeah it's not perfect but it gives a better feeling than SMP , this is actually one of the things I like about default clouds. The other 2 things I like about them: - How smooth the light on them changes in day time , I wish SMP lighning will change as smooth as the default clouds , anything about that for 3.1 ? - The formations they create , well that what's real weather connector is about LOL And maybe another little feature if I may request , default clouds doesn't have this but a weather plugin called XEnviro does ; Clouds bases above cities has an orange'ish color. Anyway , keep the good work guys!
  8. Default clouds has some sort of animation that textures go to the sides while you go through them , and gives this feeling of speed rather than breaking through walls. I hope something like this can be achieved in SMP..
  9. mtaxp


    I think this is a question that was asked before... But are there any plans to integrate Triton 3D water in Xplane?
  10. I think he is talking about a real 3D implementation of them and not just a flat picture. I asked for this feature a while ago , I got a response with many technical tuff that I didn't really understand LOL , however I think this will be cool! On another note , I think there is a problem with the new overcast introduced in V3 ... visibility starts decreasing before you actually visually reach the clouds layer , and then it increases when you are well below that overcast layer. This can cause problems with minimums in bad weather and IMO you should look into it.. As for this product , I've been waiting for this kind of thing since SMP's day 1 , this will be a game changer for Xplane in terms of weather.
  11. What weather injector are you using for the shots you are posting? default or any other like FSGRW?
  12. Aerosoft was mentioned here , I hope that the 737 will get a profile in PFPX.
  13. Personally (though I think Im speaking on behalf of many other Xplaners) I would prefer if you'll make the jump for the NG next IXEG 737CL & 737NG will be really cool But let's first cross the current bridge , can't wait for this game changer!
  14. There is a topic at the org and avsim about it.
  15. Well reading some comment about FSGRW (released yesterday) , combines with SMP V2 it eliminates almost completely the sudden changes when weather is updated :-)
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