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    How do I uninstall an X-Aviation aircraft? I know the X-Aviation installer must install it but can I just delete the X-Aviation folder and product to uninstall or do I need to do something more? Thanks,
  2. Got the announcement about the discount when it was released but ignored it because I already had FSGRW. I just discovered there are both a 32 and a 64 bit version and I have only the former. Had been running SMP with RWC and FSGRW and everything seemed to be fine; have not been flying for 4 months. Do I need the 64 bit version to run SMP v. 4.7? If not would it be better to use it? Thanks,
  3. I have been away from flight sim'ing for a few months (moving and etc.) I had been using SMP with FSGRW. I got an email a while back from X-Aviation with an offer for purchasing FSGRW at a discount but ignored it because I already had a version. I just checked and now realize there are two versions, a 32 and a 64 bit version, and I have just the 32 bit. Is the 64 bit product a new release? How new? Do I need it? Was the offer for the 64 bit product? Confused! Thanks,
  4. Will be migrating to a new pc and want to bring a copy of XP 10.5 over. Do I need to uninstall SMP and RWC first? For that matter, can I make clones of XP 10.5 containing SMP and RWC? Thanks,
  5. When was the SAAB last updated?
  6. Running RWC with XP metar running and I must say it is real spooky flying without weather popping at me like it used to do. Flew my trusty STMA Pilatus from/ to PAKT up to FL60 through some soupy weather (the only place on the West Coast I could find some) using the RWY11 GPS approach to try it out and the weather transition was smooth as silk. I was very impressed how realistic it now is and am a very happy pilot. RWC and SMP 3.1 just kicked up my flying experience by a couple of orders of magnitude. Will probably get FSGRW next. Thanks.
  7. SMP plugins removed and found the issue. It was entirely unrelated to SkyMaxxPro. All is working well. Thanks for all the help! Great product and service.
  8. JohnMAXX, Thanks. WILCO. Great product. What about the Gizmo plugin. I assume I can remove it as well?
  9. Have a question if it was the installation of SMP 2 which caused an issue. Would like to uninstall to see. The uninstaller didn't work. Would like to be able to remove plugins to see if any conflict. No proof SMP was causing the issue but 10.25 worked perfectly and was rock stable until I installed SMP 2. I am not saying SMP is the cause. It may be though. I would like to try to find out without having to reinstall 10.25 because I was dumb enough to figure there would be no problems and didn't back up. SMP is a wonderful product. I am glad B8 SMP are working. Does 10.25 and SMP work? I thoug
  10. Had XP 10.25 running with SkyMaxx Pro 1.3.3 and everything running fine and absolutely loved it. Installed SMP 2.0 into XP 10.25and having issues (unable to zoom out in any view). Ran X-Aviation SMP uninstaller and nothing uninstalled. Have XP 1.30 v8 beta running without SMP and all is well with my views. I did not make a back up copy of my XP 10.25 (learned big lesson here). Now I am going to have to install another virgin copy of 10.25 to run unless I decide to go with 10.30. Had 10.25 running nice with SMP 1.3.3. I am not happy about this. 1) How come the X-Aviation uninstaller didn't wo
  11. Ok, thanks. Do I just run SkyMaxx installer again with new install?
  12. And can I just copy and move the Silver Linings folder in my plug ins? Or maybe the best way to ask is what do I do if I do a fresh install of XP to get SkyMaxx up and going. Thanks,
  13. Ben, Thanks. I am having serious issues with a new install of XP on my new machine and I think it would be best if I either deleted my XP folder and reinstall or installed a new one. I will save the X-Aviation License Database.lua and reuse it. Good to know. What to do with the X-Aviation folder also? Thanks,
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