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  1. Are there any plans for more serious VR support in the near future?
  2. So it's bug, or something wrong with controller bind? from manual 737-300 Electric Trim Flaps Retracted 2.8 – 12.5 units Electric Trim Flaps Extended 0.25 – 12.5 units Autopilot Trim 0.25 – 14.0 units Manual Trim 0 – 17.0 units IXEG : With electric trim only, i can archieve full range trim at all condition, manual trim bechavior same as electric trim (binded as mechanical trim in x-plane) And ZIbo ( different version 737 and limits, but same logic) working correctly with same x-plane bind ( trim to electric trim, mechanical to trim wheel) Regards
  3. Recently I bought Throttle Bravo Quadrant. I was a little disappointed because the mechanical trim is not simulated, it is connected to the electric. Trim limits are also not simulated. It all has free zibo, is there any chance to add those features in future updates? Regards!
  4. Same, for me, empty scripts folder in AEW version.
  5. ? I copied this file, without any effect. I also disabled all plugins except gizmo.
  6. After update to 1.6.5 AEW version stopped working, (gizmo menu inactive, aircraft copletly unoperable like unregistered), other verions without problem like this. :-/
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