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  1. Hey there! I spent the previous days trying my best to reproduce this issue, but still no luck. Have you tried starting the engine manually (no use of the menu helpers) for a change? I know unplugging those devices may be tiresome but, during debug, everything that can be excluded should be excluded. I am still investigating this on my end, since it's the only bug report that remains, but i still insist that you try booting the aircraft up with no additional flight controls attached, just to be 100% sure this isn't the cause. Respectfully, Dan.
  2. Just reporting back that this is top priority right now. I am investigating this further. Just because you didn't mention it, i'll remark that loading the aircraft with "Start with engines on" and trying to reload it from the Developer menu are known causes for this erratic behavior. While i'm trying to reproduce this in my end, i'll kindly ask you to try 2 things: - Try booting the aircraft up without any flight control hardware attached. - If able, try installing on a different computer. Your license supports multiple computer installations at the same time, to don't worry about that.
  3. Hey Johnson! I am just using X-Plane's default camera system. That means, Arrow keys move me up, down, left and right, and dot and comma move me forwards and backwards. Holding down "Shift" makes the movement become quicker! I don't believe X-Camera nor TrackIR can somehow reproduce this behavior that you described. I would, however, suggest that you try running X-Plane and the PT-19 with just the bare minimums (Which is the Gizmo Beta plugin, that is installed alongside the aircraft), and then we can see if this keeps happening. The reason for this is because i could see from the Log file
  4. I made you a video and, hopefully, this will get sorted Let me know if, even when following all of this, this behavior still persists. Respectfully, Dan.
  5. Hey Noam! Thank you for the kind words! Hope she's giving you a lot of enjoyment Of course! I intend to have a "walk mode" and a "towing mode". The things is... I have no idea how to do this. But rest assured that, if i can make it, it'll happen! Respectfully, Dan.
  6. Hey Johnson! That makes me believe you had an older airframe already. The addon simulates for occasional faults on the magneto ground wiring. It would also explain why it's harder for you to start the engine even when allegedly doing everything by-the-book. Respectfully, Dan.
  7. To get a new "factory new", simply delete the file "states.dat" from the PT-19's root folder, then load the aircraft again. You can get the prop out of the way by cranking the starter once or twice. If the prop still won't get truly out of the way, rapidly rotate the starter to shift the magneto actuation point.
  8. Hey Jjohnson!! Your engine is catching fire because it is severely overprimed. Disclaimer: Never select X-plane's "Start with engines running" OR try to reload the aircraft via the developer menu. That will break things. Load another aircraft, like the stock C172, and then load your PT-19. First, let's make sure your engine is looking great, by checking the maintenance menus. Also make sure your spark plugs are on, by going to the big opening in the front cowling, and seeing if there are these wires going all the way into each cylinder. Check for sufficient fuel, too. On the PT-19. th
  9. EDIT** Read Cam's post below! Disregard this Hey burningbee!! Yes, you will start "fresh". Try backing up the file "states.dat" that is located on the aircraft's root folder, and save it somewhere safe. After the update, you can paste this file back in and it should have your data there! The way the aircraft loads and saves data has been slightly changed in this update, so if you have any issues with doing that, then just delete the file altogether and you'll be fine. Hope this helps! Respectfully, Dan.
  10. Thank you, Speed!! YES, this is great material for anyone looking into aerobatics on the PT-19, and development also relied on it for some specific airfoil tunings Again, thank you! Respectfully, Dan.
  11. I see! Well, after that traumatic experience, i'd still suggest loading other aircraft first, then coming back. That seems to "reset" the PT-19 and allow for it to properly start, and should make these systems work correctly, too! Thanks, Steve! Hope it Helps!
  12. I'll take a closer look into this. It doesn't seem to affect all liveries, so it may be easier to fix. Thank you, CaptCrash!
  13. I was so far unable to reproduce this issue with the 3D menu autostart and the with Jerry's superstrenght... Have you by any means tried to reload the aircraft through the developer menu? This is known to also glitch the aircraft into this catapulting state. I'd recommend loading the default glider and then loading the PT-19 back, making sure to check if any systems got broken during the glitch, and then attempting to use those functions again. Respectfully, Dan.
  14. Update: I have just now fixed the issue with the oil cap not being interactable while the cowling is removed. Should ship along the next update! Again, thanks for your report! Dan.
  15. Hey there zkalos! Yes, you should be able to remove the oil cap with the right cowling removed, so rest assured i will look into this phenomenom closely. The sounds of the aircraft's wheels rolling through paved or unpaved surfaces do change a little bit, and since the floor panel is close to the ground, rocks and shock absorption from the tailwheel do make quite some noise! In fact, if you taxi with the flight stick pulled towards you, you'll even be able to hear the constant contact sound that the tailwheel mechanism makes when being forcefully dragged across the ground. About
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